Wednesday, May 27, 2009

UPDATED!! NERD ALERT! Comic Con Update!

Here is your Comic Con update.  According to the registration site, the last day available is Sunday, July 26th and it is 97% sold out.  So if you have yet to get your pass and are still planning on attending, get over there right away to register!  I expect that by the end of the week it will be completely sold out.  The next Con updates will be what's on the programming schedule.  I already know of "Iron Man 2" having a panel and "The Guild" will have their own booth as well.  You can probably expect some secret "TRON 2" news, some Kevin Smith panels, and perhaps another Buffy Sing-A-Long.  Rumors are afloat of some 'Avatar' sneak peeks and Toy Story 3D screenings.  Meaning "I heard from a guy who knows this dude that's dating this chick who's cousin works with a lady that saw a torn note in the trash."  I'll let you know as news comes out and what confirms.

According to the Comic Con page, they are now 100% sold out for every day of the convention.  If you were planning on going and did not get your passes yet, you are S.O.L.  Beware of passes supposedly being sold on ebay or craigs list.  The Con is saying that they will NOT be allowing the transfer of passes this year.  So if someone offers to sell you an extra pass that's in their name, you won't be able to transfer it to yours and you can't pick it up at the registration area. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that they can't just hand the pass over to you and you then take on the name of their buddy who ditched them.  Just be mindful and think smart if you do decide to buy them off of someone.  Forgeries abound and you would hate to get caught by the one volunteer who's paying attention.  But if you stay home and still want to know the latest, your POParitaville gang will be there spread out through the convention to get you updates.  So be sure to bookmark us and get ready for some cool stuff coming your way.  


  1. The SOL part may not be necessarily true. You could always go to the volunteer registration sight, and sign up for volunteer work. You do an hour of volunteer work, and you get a free pass for the day. Do volunteer work for all three days, get a special t-shirt. This is what my gf and I did 2 years ago to get in.

  2. Good thought. However they do cut off the sign up of volunteers at a certain point as well. So I suggest going to the Comic Con page and see if they are still looking for volunteers.