Monday, May 4, 2009

NBC Unfurls It's Fall Schedule. Where's 'Chuck'?

This morning, NBC announced what new shows are coming aboard, and what is coming back.... so far at least.  They plan on revealing other shows on May 17th.  Let's get the list.  What is coming back:

The Office
30 Rock
Parks and Recreation
Law and Order: SVU
The Biggest Loser
Celebrity Apprentice
Friday Night Lights
SNL Weekend Update Specials

What's New:
Day One 
100 Questions
The Jay Leno Show
Breakthrough with Tony Robbins
Who Do You Think You Are
The Marriage Ref

Missing from the schedule so far are 'Law and Order', 'Medium', 'Chuck', and 'My Name is Earl'.  These shows still have a couple of weeks to learn their fate.  This past week, fans of 'Chuck' supported the show and it's big sponsor SubWay by eating there.  No word as to whether or not that has helped them.  According to Daily Variety's article, Marc Graboff said:

"Over the next two weeks as we're able to put the pieces of the schedule into place, the shows on the bubble will come in or out of the schedule depending on where they fit,"

 "There are a lot of moving pieces, and we also have to see what our competitors are doing. We're not going to make any hard and fast scheduling decisions today."

At this point right now, NBC really needs a breakout hit from the new shows.  Not only that, but it also needs to bring back an audience that has moved on to hit shows on other networks or those that have turned to on demand entertainment from other mediums (online, gaming, DVR's).  It used to be that a water cooler show meant everyone talked about it the day after and then you just had to tune in next week to see what everyone was talking about.  Those days are gone.  Now if people love it you're finding out right away on Facebook or Twitter before it even airs on the West Coast.  And if you miss it then, you go online to watch it the day after.  So a show has to be great at the start.  Once bad word of mouth starts spreading and show can be DOA before anyone in California has even had a chance to Tivo it.

What say you?  What shows are you looking forward to coming back?  Which shows do you wish that had kept and what do you think about the new shows?  

Take the jump over to Variety for the full article.    

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