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The LOST Blog - LOST:5.14


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LOST: 5.14

Here we go... previously on that island show....

Ooohh... we get to see Faraday shot by his mom again, but from a different perspective. So Kate and Jack have a normal conversation while F is holding a gun. They have a horse brigade. And Jack is knocked down and bloody.

Thirty years later...

There's a ship in a bottle and Richard hasn't aged, but loves the eyeliner. Locke brings a wild boar.. speaking of Sun... she's there with him and Ben.

Wow... Richard sees the picture and says he watched them all die. I guess the shows over. Goodnight everybody!

Well obviously Faraday's variable comes into play because they've shown clips of all of them in previews for the season. When RIch saw them die, what year was it?

Awkward moment on the beach with Locke and Ben, new leader...old leader....older leader.

Back in '77 the Others are playing tough and beating up Kate and leaving no marks. They're pretty good.

Jack's trying to convince Kate that they should do what Farday said so that they can live their lives. Of course Kate is making it all about her. Blah blah blah... please shoot her next.

Sweet, Jack gets to explain time travel to Eloise. Kate is still miserable. Oh, look she's crying again.

Sawyer and Juliet are getting cuffed and getting ruffed by the hippy. Watch out, here comes big head. They're threating to kill Sawyer, but it's an empty threat. Again writers, by tossing these things in at the beginning of the episode you're telling us that it's not going to happen. Jin, Hurley and Miles.. probably Sayid too, will come in to play.

They're back. This guy is the worst tough guy ever. It's like the nerd wanting to be tough. Maybe he always wanted to be on the football team. Of course they show Hurley stocking up on food.

Dr. Chang has followed them. They have fessed up. I guess that's why he forced Miles and his mom to leave. Miles made him do it.

So is Eloise leading this group? Widmore is kinda whiny. Ahh love.

Ahhh... we get to see how Richard knew what had happened to Locke when he was shot earlier this season and telling him that he had to die in order to bring everyone back. So Richard isn't really all knowing as we have been thinking so far.

How does shot Locke not see Locke and Ben standing there with their torch. Damn! We didn't get to see him disapear. I guess the effect was too expensive.

Chang is trying to get them to evacuate and tough nerd is upset because everyone is still cooler than him.

Back in the jungle Kate is still pissed and threatens to leave. Please tell me they shot her. Damn! Well there's Sayid.. like I said.

Okay, so far before the break Sawyer says his drawing them a map to the Others if they put him and Juliet on the sub when they evacuate the island. He's bloody, Juliet is in-different, Dr. Chang is on a mission, Kate is depressed, Jack is all moody and Sayid is all shooty.

Kick her ass Jack. Someone please shoot Kate or something!?

I like Sawyers plan to buy stock in Microsoft and bet on the Cowboys. Yeah. He's not leaving on the sub.

It's like a missing scene from The Goonies and Indy 5. Sayid followed them on their swim.

Quiet please, Locke is gonna speak...

Road trip!! We're going to see Jacob. What a surprise, Ben and Richard want to kill Locke. I'm shocked. I mean, I thought they were trust worthy and honest and changed people. Oh, wait. No, no.. that was a different show. Empty Nest I think.

Okay gang, where are we in the last break.. Jack, Eloise, Richard and Sayid are in the temple with torches (of course) and off to get the bomb. Locke is about to wander for 40 years and someone wants to kill him... again.

Sawyer and Juliet are having a moment and then moody Kate shows up. What a surprise. Jack rejected her and she goes running to Sawyer so that she can cry some more and then not really leave the island together. Fun.

DIVE DIVE DIVE... That was a really bad CG submarine. Did someone get that off a video game.

Back in the temple they are at the bomb and it looks pretty heavy.

And now Locke wants to kill Jacob. That's the twist?

Alright, so they just made a big deal showing the kids get on the sub and just like I said, the preview shows them back on the island. Nice work..dummies.

So what did we learn this week kids? It was nice to see how Richard found Locke earlier this season and that Miles is the one that convinced his dad to make them leave. Other than that, well not a whole lot of surprises on insight. There were people getting upset or beat up. Apparently they had an abundance of fake blood this week because they used it a lot. Locke seems to be in charge in the future. We see the sneakiness of Ben some more but are still left to wonder if he is really following or plotting when he can take over again.

What say you? Did you get more out of this episode? I'm I just blinded by my dis-like for Kate's character too much? Will there be knock down, drag out fight between her and Juliet?


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  1. I actually liked this episode. It felt like things were moving forward and starting to answer some questions. It seems to me at some point Alpert masters time travel, so he will become more central to our story. And the reason nobody is really dead on the island is because they fix it all in the end. One thought I had this long before we find out that Michael and Walt are the same person?