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LOST: 5.14

ANOTHER recap show is on and the producers are talking and pretending that they know stuff...

Here we go....

Is Jacob Rumplestiltskin?  It looks like we get get to see how the pirate ship got the island.  So which one of these dudes is Jacob and is Richard on the boat?

I knew it.  The blonde dude is Jacob.  The other guy is up to something.  That is the biggest fake looking statue I have ever seen.

So we know that this island and Jacob go back many years.  

Little Kate seems to be shoplifting.  And it looks like Jacob knew her as kid.  That's kinda creepy.  How many of them did Jacob meet during their lives?

On the submarine.  Dive, dive, dive!  Oh, wait we know from the preview that they go back to the island.  

Get over it Kate.  Maybe you can fall in love with the sub captain.

Hey, it's a good thing Faraday had that journal.  So with drawn instructions it is possible to take apart a hydrogen bomb?  

Super nerd is mad at Dr. Chang for stopping the drill.  And now we flash to the kids in the future.  They're still walking.

Ben called him the leader, take a drink!

So Richard says that Jacob helped him not age.  And Locke is planning on killing the rest of them.  Fun!

Wow these other passengers are bad actors.  It seems that Michelle Rodriguez II is an Other Other like I said.  I'm going to guess there's a nuclear warhead in the crate.  Some plutonium maybe?

A funeral now back in farm country.  Is that Sawyer?  And of course Jacob shows up, like I said he probably would.  

Yup, I was right.  Man, I'm good.

So let's see what's happening on the Awkward Sub.  Juliet is a bad ass and in a bad mood.  Way to go Kate.  See what you did.  There's a lot of knobs and tubes on the sub.

Back in Doc Brown's cave they're following the plans and really seem to know what they're doing.  I guess that's good.

Back on future island Ben is confessing to Locke what his "daughter" told him to do.  Locke is going to want Ben to kill Jacob instead.  Who will get there first though?  Locke's group?  Other Others?  Will all of these events happen at the same point in time in the different decades?  Does that have a cataclysmic event?  Does this suddenly toss the island to an area of narrative story telling?    

Lets see Jacob bump into Sayid now.  And then have his woman killed too apparently.  Hey, maybe we'll find out why everyone was picked by Jacob to be there.  

Now we see how Ben got the room with a secret chamber when Richard knocks a hole through the wall.  Anyone else find it kinda funny that it's the middle eastern dude that is being made to carry the bomb?  Sayid is shot by Ben's dad!  Jack has turned into Wyatt Earp and is a bad ass.  There's Jin to rescue them.  Of course.  

Sweet a 'Terminator:Salvation' preview.  

Alright, guessing time.  Sayid will decide to stay with the bomb and detonate it while everyone else gets to safety.  Kind of an 'Armageddon' kinda thing.  The bomb goes off and everyone ends up somewhere else on the island and Sayid comes walking out of the jungle.  Let's see if that happens or if it's my mojito talking.  

Awww Kate and Sawyer are being playful on the raft while Juliet sees her future submerge.  You  know, they aren't very far away for having been on that sub for a while.  Lucky them.  

Vincent?!?  Really.  Of course there are Bernard and Rose.  They are loving life.  They are the only calm voice and during this speech Sawyer only has eyes for Kate.  This does not bode well.  

MRII is taking the Other Others to Jacob.  Uh oh.  There's ash!!!  What does that mean?!?!  So Jacob asked for her help.  

Why is there a painting of a dog head on the floor?  So Jacob hasn't been there in a long time apparently and someone else has been using his cabin.  Does this mean that whoever it is that Locke met at the cabin is not him?  Or is he not going to the cabin and heading to the foot?  What the hell is the ash?!?

Okay, that was hilarious to see Locke fall out of the window behind Jacob.  I expected some Road Runner sound effects.  

Locke and the gang make it to the old camp.  Ben is a beaten man right now, but he's definitely looking for a way to kill Locke...again.  Locke is the new Ben.

Sun is heading over the the old crib for Claire's baby.  Ahhh...Drive Shaft.  It's Charlie's ring.  One ring to...nevermind.  

Sun and Jin's wedding.  It'll be funny if Jacob is the official.  No, damnit, but he is a guest.  

It's a standoff with no shots...take a drink!!  Sawyer and his harem are in the way of the van.

So we know that Jacob has been around for a long time, are going to get an explanation about that too?  Is he now Richard?  Did he bite Richard and that's how he got that way?

What the hell is the ash?!?

Locke's gang made it to the foot.  Which means that everyone else is on their way.  

Jack and Sawyer are off to have a heart to heart in the jungle, and I'm sure Kate is very glad because she'll think it's about her and then they'll shoot her.  That would be awesome.

Jack and his dad finish operating on a girl and then Jack can't get a candy from the machine.  That sucks.  Where's Jacob.  Oh, he's giving him his candy.

I think this is only the second talk Jack and Sawyer have had since the end of season 1.

So Sayid is bleeding to death in the van and he's the one that knows how to blow up the bomb, but they can sit down and have a talk.  So Jack is doing this all for Kate?  Now they are fighting over her.  Good lord.    

Juliet changed her mind?  Seriously?  Duh!  Of course she did.  Tell him Juliet.  You know what's up Sawyer.  She's going to kick your ass.

Hey....guys....Sayid is bleeding to death.  Just thought you might want to know.

Dear lord Kate, just stop!  Bleeding to death.  Helloooo?

She's tearing up....take a drink!!  She's crying....take a drink!!

Watch out Dharma workers, that smoke machine is getting all crazy!

Now Kate's on Jack's side?  Sure, of course.  Because he paid attention to her.  Now if Sawyer does the same thing she'll be on his side.  

Does Jacob get Hurley out of jail?  Awww..they share a cab.  That's sweet.  Finally a conversation with Jacob.  What's in the case?  Hmm.. Jacob convinced him to go back.  That's why he went back and ended all the talk about being cursed.  

Kate looked longingly....take a drink!!

Look.  A foot.

And now a little trip to take a look at Jacob.  Richard is very protective of a dude who's lived all these years.  

Does Jacob know Lockes plan?  Is he dead?  Is he spooling thread?  Is Locke setting Ben up?  Is Richard the other dude that Jacob was speaking to on the beach?  How much of Locke's intentions do they know?  Perhaps all of this was a big test.  Kinda like 'Trading Spaces'. 

Miles brings up a good point.  Is Jack not the variable?  Perhaps by dropping the bomb he's actually creating the bad thing that goes wrong.  How did the jeep get there quicker.

Big head has a grudge and so does the nerd.  A lot stuntmen got work on this episode.  Goodshoot out at the Swan site.  

Here it goes.



This is turning into the end of 'Dynasty'.  Bodies everywhere, Extra's being killed left and right, stupid dialogue.  Yeah, we really thought Big Head was gonna shoot Sawyer?  "You go, we go."

So Juliet fell in the hole.  But did she die or is she going to end up landing somewhere/sometime else?  Perhaps somewhere on the New Jersey turnpike.

Back on Future Island here come the Other Others.  

Wow.  I didn't see that coming.   Locke was in the trunk.  So who is the other Locke?  Widmore?  Is Ben onto him?  Is it Jacob testing Ben?

So it is the other dude that Jacob was with at the beginning.  

Ben is venting now.  He's a little upset.

And now Jacob is dead and burning.  But he told them they're coming.  Uh oh, that can't be good.  Who's they?  The Other Others?  The '77 people?

Juliet is still alive and going to try and set off the bomb.  

Bomb go boom!

Whooosh... LOST!

Okay, here's the stupidness of this ending.  We are supposed to think it's very dramtic, what happened, did they blow up, blah blah.  You have one more whole season left and you're calling it 'Destiny Found'.  Gee, I wonder if they survived the bomb/incident?  Of course they did!  There's still another season that most of them are signed on for.  Really writers?  It would have been more dramatic to end on the scene of them dumping Ben's body out of the trunk.  Then you have us, then you hook us.  And now the kids on future island will have to team up with the Other Other's and MRII to get rid of Bizarro Locke who is really an old dude like Jacob who's taken on Locke's likeness.  So has he actually been the one who's been appearing to everyone as dead people all of these seasons?  

What say you?  What did you think of the finale?  What do you expect of it's final season?  Are you going to miss it since it won't be back until 2010?  

Thank all of you again for joining The LOST Blog this season.  Thank you for taking the jump with us from MySpace to what's become POParitaville.  I hope that you'll continue to visit us daily for the latest pop culture news.  The LOST Blog will return in 2010 for more snarkiness, drinking games as we head into the final season.  

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  1. My prediction from last week still stands; I think next season will focus entirely off-island and end with Juliette blowing up the h-bomb without answering any questions.

    As to last night's episode...meh. I figured Locke was in the box, much like I called it a few seasons ago when he was in the casket. I think the ash was some sort of voodoo/withcraft/protection circle thing designed to keep Jacob (or the other guy) prisoner in the cabin, but someone broke the circle and let him out. I think the producers missed a great moment by not casting Frank Oz as the police officer discharging Hurley; after all, he's spoken those nearly identical lines twice. I was waiting for "La's an opera," or "One prophylactic...soiled."
    Overall, a typical season ender from Lost; asking more questions than it answers.