Friday, May 1, 2009

The LOST Blog - LOST: 5.13

**Spoiler Alert**

LOST 5.13

Alright gang, get ready because this week we are jumping right into the mix.  If you're baffled about why I'm not talking about young Faraday playing the piano and his mom issues starting as a kid, sorry about that.  We'll call this week's episode, "I Suppose You're Wondering Why I've Gathered All of You Here."  Once off the sub Faraday shows Miles a copy of the Dharma group picture and says that this is why he came back.  Miles takes him to see Jack and all he'll tell him is that his mom was wrong and they were not supposed to come back.  He then has Miles take him to the Swan station because he needs to see what is happening down there.  Down there they overhear Dr. Chang yelling at the construction workers (because they're non-union I guess) and tells them how delicate and powerful the energy is and decides to discuss time travel as well.  Of course they all laugh at the nerd (just like in school) as they take out another dead body.  Faraday then confronts the doc to tell him that he has to get everyone off the island because in 6 hours while they are still digging, the power that will be let out of there will be so huge that everyone will get dead.  When he asks how he knows this he tells him that he's from the future.  (Side comment: Did anyone else then finish the sentence with "I came here in a time machine that you invented.  Now, I need you're help to get back to the year 1985."  No?  Just me?  Okay, moving on.)  To convince him he tells him that Miles is his son and that everything can't just be coincidence.  Miles denies all of this, the Doc thinks Faraday is kooky and tells him to stay away from him.  
Flashback to Faraday graduating college.  Mom isn't too happy with his lady friend (in a creepy Oedipus kinda way).  She takes him out for lunch and Faraday tells her about a grant he has been given by a man named Widmore.  He'll be funding his research.  (DING- a light went off in my head and I figured it out)   lets into her by telling her the truth about how he feels and that it doesn't matter what he does it will never be good enough for her.  She gets very upset at this and hands him his graduation present and walks out of the very dingy looking restaurant that apparently you need reservations for.  Well surprise, surprise his gift is the journal that he's always writing in.  

Back on the island Faraday goes to see Sawyer.  When he walks in he sees that the whole gang is together again.  Faraday tries to explain to them that they are not supposed to be there and that he needs to be taken to the Others because his mom is one of them.  Well Sawyer is against the whole thing and wants to try and figure out how to make things blow over so that he can go back to playing house.  Jack decides he wants to take Faraday but will need help getting there since he doesn't know where to go.  He wants to Kate to help, but now she's between a Jack and a Sawyer.  Sawyer tries to get her to not help which makes Juliet all jealous and stuff.  (This is still LOST, right?)  She tells them the code for the fence so that they'll leave and maybe get all dead.  So Jack and Co. head out to go get supplies and a van.  Faraday runs into little Charlotte and tells her to tell her parents that they have to leave the island.  All like she remembered before she died.  He says that he tried hard not to actually tell her anything but he hopes that it will work this time.  What he actually tells her is done off off camera to make it more dramatic.  Oooooooohh...

We go back to when Faraday is watching the newscast saying that they found Oceanic flight 215.  Widmore shows up and Faraday starts apologizing for what happened to his girlfriend.  W wants F to work for him.  F isn't sure because his research has effected his memory and he can no longer do simple equations.  W tells him that it's okay because the island that he's sending him to will heal him.  Sign me up!  When F tells his mom about this she encourages him and lets him know that it's what he's supposed to do.  From here we take a quick jaunt over the hospital where Desomond is being treated for his gun shot.  Faraday's mom shows up to tell Penny that it's her fault.  Hooray, Desmond is fine.  Well, she leaves them and is heading out of the hospital when she bumps into Widmore lurking the shadow outside of the ER doors.  Not as much creepy as it is silly.  They argue for a bit and she tells him that she knows about Faraday working for him, blah blah blah he's my son too.  (Was supposed to be a surprise but I totally called it.  Did you guys too?)  

Well now Jack, Faraday and Kate get in a gun fight with some of the Dharma people (which apparently doesn't phase anyone until an alarm goes off).  The Dharma gang then goes to find Sawyer to get him to help find them.  They discover Big Head in the closet (insert joke) and then they get all mad because this is bad.  So they take him and Juliet prisoner.  Out in the jungle Faraday attempts to explain what he knows.  He tells them that he needs to destroy what they are digging up.  That what is buried there is where they will eventually build their hatch.  That a button will need to be pushed in order to keep it from going all crazy like, but it won't be pushed at one time and that will cause their plane to crash.  Of course this all leads to everyone being where they are and their lives all screwy.  (You with me so far?)  Up until now everyone is being led to believe that it doesn't matter what they do, they can not effect the future.  F then explains to them that there are variables in his theory that he never thought of.  They themselves are the variables.  The mere fact that they are in the past means that they could still possibly effect the future outcome.  So he needs to destroy what is buried by setting off the hydrogen bomb that is also buried.  By doing this it is very possible that the plane crash will never take place and their lives will go on.  (How's your head?)

Well they find the Others camp (it was right next to KOA) and Faraday goes in to try and find his mom.  Cpt. Eyeliner comes out and F tells him that he needs to find Eloise (his mom).  He tells F that she's not there, so this is a good time for F to pull his gun out.  Of course while they "working this out" a shot rings out and F falls to the ground.  Eloise shot him from behind.  While laying there he tells her that she (older she) knew this was going to happen and that's why she told him to come back.  He then tells her that she's his mom.

Dramatic music, dramatic music....whoosh....LOST!

Okay, pretty good episode.  But again they've started opening more holes without the intention of every filling them.  But I will bypass all of that this week to discuss my theory.  Okay, so they are all variables in future events.  BUT.. What if the reason that people are so set on them coming back to the island is because they knew the danger and are anticipating them dying there?  In crashing on the island they have become caught in the middle of a riff between these two camps, correct?  But they have also now exposed the island to other interested parties and it is now at risk of other people or groups, trying to find or take control of the island.  But they also stand in the way of those that wish to control it.  So how do you change all of that from happening?  You get them back there and kill them.  Thus they never became a factor, they never ended up there, in a sense, they never existed.  And Faraday's theory of variables is basically the same thing, but his thought is to destroy the power that these people are trying to control and none of it will ever happen, including the fighting.  Now, is Faraday actually dead?  Probably not.  Even if he's buried, he'll come back in some form.  It's what they do, they always make them show up with the same dramatic music to try and make us think that it's such a surprise when it's not.  I call your bluff LOST writers, now let's see your hand.



  1. You didn't mention the best part of the episode; the extended Star Trek preview that flew out of the Lost opening credits? Awesome!
    I am going on record now as predicting the end of the final episode of the show will be that bomb exploding and no questions answered.
    All I know is that most of these people were fathered by either (a) Charles Widmore, or (2) Jack's father, the other Dr. Shephard. Perhaps even Dr. Shephard was fathered by Charles Widmore. Let's wait and see if that happens...

  2. It worked!

  3. Yes it did. Aannd....