Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The LOST Blog - Live Blogging During Tonights LOST Finale and LOST Drinking Games!

Alright kiddies, just like last week, join us here for live blogging during tonights LOST finale.  Will someone else die, does Locke kill Jacob, can Hurley finish writing The Empire Strikes Back?  I don't know!  But how about some LOST finale drinking games?  

Take shot everytime:
Kate cries/tears up
Kate looks longingly at either Sawyer or Jack
Hurley says "Dude"
Juliet fold her arms
Ben says he's not the leader
There is a gun standoff with no shots fired

So be sure to come back to our home page right before LOST airs on the West Coast and keep refreshing the page.  Join in the fun by commenting along as well with your thoughts.

What about you?  Do you have any other LOST drinking games for tonights finale?  Please share.

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