Thursday, May 14, 2009

Leno's Last Tonight Show Guest Is.........

…Conan O'Brien.  In what I consider to be a classy move, Jay Leno will have Conan O'Brien be his last guest on The Tonight Show.  According to other guests for Jay's last week include Prince, Mel Gibson and Billy Crystal.  Jay will then start work on his new prime time tentatively called The Jay Leno Show that will air Monday through Friday at 10:00pm on NBC.  It remains to be seen what exactly this show will consist of, but NBC has a lot banking on this.  There was a point just a few months back that it seemed no question that after leaving The Tonight Show, Jay would be sprinting to another network to host a new 11:30 (11:35 really) show.  To make it pretty evident to NBC, Jay made more than one guest spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live! On ABC.  Although that first happened during the WGA strike when they both were having problems securing guests for their shows.  They then had one night where they both appeared on each others talk show.  This is when people's eye brows started to raise.  Would Jay take off for ABC?  Rumors circulated that Nightline would get the axe, Leno would take the 11:30 slot and Kimmel would get bumped to 12:30 from 12:00.  With a nice camaraderie going with Jimmy on his show, even joking about looking around the set to see what changes he could make, it seemed like a sure bet.  And then the "Really?" heard 'round Hollywood happened when NBC announced that Jay Leno would be staying with the network and hosting a new show at 10:00 PM, 5 days a week.  One has to wonder if Letterman was breathing a sigh of relief by not being a part of this late night shell game.

On June 1st, Conan takes over The Tonight Show from a brand new stage on the Universal Studios lot.  Word has it that Mr. O'Brien has already been hard at work using his new asset of the Universal lot by filming some bits to be used his first week (including one where he takes over a tram on the famous Universal Studios Tour).  

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