Tuesday, May 19, 2009

King Kong Lives!!!!!

Last year much of the Universal Studios backlot was destroyed by a huge fire that took out almost all of it's Metropolitan sets.  While that loss was enough to hit them hard by losing money from film and television shoots that happen year round there, there was another tough loss.  King Kong.  Yes, the big ape himself, was 
destroyed in the fire.  He was a huge part of the famous Studio Tour and within a few hours he was gone.  You may be saying, "Did anyone really care? The answer is a resounding yes.  As dated as it seemed, as corny as the interaction could be, everyone loved it.  Since becoming a part of the tour in 1986, he became as much of a mascot for it as 'JAWS' is.  So after the fire wiped it out, there was a question of whether or not it would be a good idea to bring Kong back?  In this day of 100 mile per hour roller coasters, reality TV and iPhone apps; had Kong's era come to an end?  Good news comes out of Universal Studios today as Variety.com announced that King Kong would indeed be "roaring" back to life based on director Peter Jackson's 'King Kong'.  According to Marc Graser at Variety.com:

Guests will wear 3-D glasses as they travel through Skull Island and encounter a swarm of monstrous bats before winding up in the middle of a fight between King Kong and a 35-foot-tall dinosaur.

Kong, which will utilize what U calls "the world's largest Surround Digital projection system," will be introduced in summer 2010. Expect a major promotional push around the attraction's return to boost ticket sales.

With a 2010 opening, this gives Universal two intense years of what looks to be not only high profile, but freakn' awesome, new rides.  In 2011 Universal Studios is scheduled to open a ride based on the Transformers movies using not only 3D HD, but also using live show elements as well.  You can read more about the ride here.  

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to wait in line right now.  

Take the jump to Variety.com to read more about the new King Kong.

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