Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Go Figure; Hurley Likes Cake

**SPOILER ALERT** Aparently you shouldn't leave cakes out in the hot sun...get it?

"When ABC's hit series, LOST, needs a cake to celebrate their 100th episode, actor Jorge Garcia calls the bakery to commission a unique cake creation. Duff and his crew head out to visit the Aloha state and the set of LOST."

So says the synopsis for last week's episode of Food Network's Ace of Cakes. But that description in no way represents the amazing episode that transpired.

It started with a Lost style opening credit, along with a brief re-enactment of some of our favorite Lost moments by what appeared to be muppets representations of the Charm City Cakes staff. Unlike most episodes of Lost the opening weirdness was quickly explained within the first 2 minutes of the episode (the puppet representations were gifts from a puppet maker and former client, and the bakery would be making the cake to celebrate the 100th episode of Lost...and assembling it in Hawaii and meeting the cast and crew). But the amazingness didn't end there...

Throughout the episode, little pop-up facts kept appearing, just like those crappy re-caps the Lost producers put together, but a lot more fun and informative. The usual hillarity and wackiness was peppered throughout; but the show really came to life with the arrival of Jorge Garcia to the borrowed Ace of Cakes kitchen. Turns out, Jorge and the rest of the Losties are big fans of the Ace of Cakes. Needless to say, the feeling is mutual. So when the cake was delivered to the set, it was pretty much an airing of the mutual admiration society.

As a fan of both shows, it was a surreal and amazing experience to watch. Definitely catch a re-run this week. Check you local listings for Ace of Cakes "Lost in Hawaii." An additional behind-the-scenes video can be found here.

POPped the lid off the tub of frosting, by TheEdley

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  1. They should have put them as extra's in the kitchen at the compound.