Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Different Set of Jaws; Another Kind of Rocky

So, it's been floating around for almost a year that MTV has intentions of re-making The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Nobody seems to know why, although as my colleague Capt. Fussypants points out "it is the trend in the motion picture industry to dust off old properties and give them a new chance at making more money." But some of that money generally goes to the property's creator.

That does not seem to be so, in this case. Richard O'Brien (who wrote the original play, co-wrote the screenplay and co-starred as Riff-Raff in the 1975 film) had not heard about the MTV project until fans sent him US news clippings. Now that he does know, he doesn't want anything to do with it. Additionally, Barry Bostwick, who played Brad in the film, also went on-record recently, saying that the remake is "a waste of money" and noting that the original was a box office flop; only after receiving it's "cult" status did the movie become a hit.

So who thinks this is a good idea? The film's original producer, Lou Adler, for one. "Our hope has always been that each new endeavour and rebirth will expose the Rocky Horror experience to new audiences and expand the fan base," says Adler. Hmmm, last I checked, the original Rocky Horror can still be found playing in regular rotation at midnight screenings across the country; I assume new audiences can just go to one of those showings, right?

Regardless, this MTV trainwreck seems to be moving forward. Although no cast has been announced, several internet rumors have alternately attached Marilyn Manson and Russell Brand as Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Personally, I'd like to see Anthony Stewart Head in the role; he once played him onstage in London, and did a hell of a job in the VH1 karakoe special for the 25th anniversary (sidenote - does anybody have the footage of him singing Sweet Transvestite? I seem to recall that was pretty amazing), but not in some crappy MTV half-assed remake.

Since nobody thought this was a good idea, it was inevitable that a protest would start. If you would like to add your name to a growing petition, head over to Stop The Remake and let your voice be heard. I leave you with a teaser for the classic.

POPped from the back row by TheEdley (I know; nothing for months, then 3 in one day)

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