Thursday, April 16, 2009

What The App?

This week we bring to you our newest feature:  "What The App?"  Every week we will bring to you the latest, and obscure in the world of Apps for your mobile devices.  Please remember that this list is not a "What's The Best," it is merely an exhibition; So as always, no wagering.

What The App? 

It would have been very easy to pick an App for Facebook or Twitter to kick this off.  Then I started hearing about a new App that just launched.  This week POParitaville picks 'Yowza!!'.  What is Yowza!!?  It was thought up by actor Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Felicity, Alias, LOST) as a way to make discount coupons mobile.  Merchants will become a part Yowza!! and offer discounts only to users of the App.  Stores across the U.S. are being added daily.  What you do with this is open it up and it'll find stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. within a 15 mile radius that are offering deals for Yowzaa!!  You will only find these deals by using it.  Once you find what you like, when you shop, you take your iPhone/iPod Touch up to the counter and show the digital coupon to the cashier and you're set.  You can also do a search for other cities to see if there are any deals there and save them.  This way if you're using an iPod Touch and not the iPhone you can still pull up your saved coupons to use for those areas.  Here is something even cooler.  During the holidays they will be doing a Golden Ticket promotion.  You may be at a certain retailer making your purchase, when you go to use your coupon it will congratulate you for being a winner and Yowza!! will make the purchase for you.  To see a hands on demo by Greg, take the jump to the iTunes store for the free podcast from GeekTV.  Or you can head to for more information.

"But how is it to use?"  It is very simple.  Once you open it up, it walks you through it and is pretty self explanatory.  It would be nice to have a reload option in it.  Some may complain that there isn't much or they can't find anything near them.  I also felt the same way.  However it is very new and according to Greg and Co., more stores are signing up all the time.  This is definitely one to stick with.

To download the Yowza!! app for your iPhone/iPod Touch, take the jump to the iTunes store.  Right now it is only available for these devices.  But once it continues to gain in popularity they can then explore adding it to other systems as well.  

Tomorrow we will bring you news on the Podcast front with our next feature, "Pod-Casting Couch."

-POPped by POParitaville Guru

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