Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Return Of 'Captain EO'! Another Trip Down 80's Memory Lane.

For some reason over the past couple of weeks, 'Captain EO' has been making a resurgence via Facebook.  I can't explain it, I don't know what's happening, but the universe has gotten nostalgic and I am totally playing along.  For those that somehow don't what it is, 'Captain EO' was a 3D space movie musical starring Michael Jackson, Directed by Francis Ford Copolla and written by George Lucas.  It was cheesy, it was fun and it was awesome.  As I said a moment ago, there is now a sudden resurgence in it's fans.  So much so that a Facebook fan club has popped up and will probably get larger over the next few days.  During an online chat show ('Kevin Pollak's Chat Show'..which is great and I will cover in a later post) this past Sunday I discovered that popular comedian Doug Benson is an extra at the end of the movie.  The story according to him is that they were way over budget on this so they grabbed their PA's, put them in costume and had them freestyle dance.  Fun!  Way back in 2006 on that old thing known as "MySpace", I was feeling nostalgic and blogged about it there.  Here is what I wrote then:

Let me start off by saying I FREAKN LOVE YOUTUBE.COM! That leads me to this blog. This is a total nostalgia piece for those of us that went to Disneyland in the 80's, and worked there in the 90's into the 2000's. Sure this piece is dated and it may seem silly to a lot of you, but there are also a lot of you who will be smiling while watching this. Whether it's memories of coming to this attraction late at night during the summer because you just needed to rest, or during the day to enjoy the air-conditioning. Others of us went in to be entertained and have a great time. There are those of us who were lucky enough to go into the very last performance. Some of you will know exactly which attraction I'm talking about if I recite lines from it like, "I think I ate it!" Or, "We're going in." Hell, some of us used to use those lines on the Jungle Cruise voice impersonation and all. To look at this person today some may call him a freak, others a criminal; some call him delusional, and others still use the word talented. But to some of us, he's 'Captain EO'.  

If you never got to experience this in any of the Disney parks, I'm sorry. Sure it's missing some of the feeling when it's not in 3D, the spotlight isn't shining over the audience and the lasers aren't shooting from the back while the bass kicked you butt. Yet it's enough to bring back to mind some great memories for me. I hope it does the same for you.

- POPped by 'POParitaville Guru'


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  2. Here's a better link to the Facebook video: http://www.facebook.com/v/1128649855423

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