Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pod-Casting Couch

Today we bring to you our latest feature as we explore the world of podcasts and web shows.  It's a little something called 'Pod-Casting Couch'.  Every week you'll get a recommendation on some entertainment to be found out in the interweb that perhaps you didn't know about.  Now remember, this is merely an amateur exhibition.  As always… no wagering.

The 21st Century has a new Charlie Rose and the name is 'Kevin Pollak's Chat Show' hosted by Kevin Pollak.  (  Many of you may know him from hit movies like 'A Few Good Men', 'The Usual Suspects', 'Casino', 'The Whole Nine Yards' and 'Grumpy Old Men'..just to name a few.  Other's of us know that he is one hell of a funny guy and does the best Shatner and Walken impressions hands down.  I've always been a fan and when I started following him on Twitter I kept reading about his chat show coming soon.  Who was he taking over for?  Is he going into syndication?  Was it on a cable channel I don't get?  It was none of those.  Nope.  It was going to be what he wanted it to be and the only way for that to happen was to stream it over the internet.  I have to say that it was one of the best decisions ever and what has come out of it is not only a chat show for the internet generation, but a chat show that it better than anything in TV.  Don't get me wrong, I love watching Letterman, Kimmel, Conan and Craig Ferguson; but this show is something completely different.  It's not grounded on segments and playing to the studio audience.  This is about people sitting down and talking.  It provides such a comfortable setting that his guests feel like they can relax and open up.  Using the Charlie Rose type of set up of a black background, a table and some chairs; it's not overdressed and makes sure that the focus is on the chatting. 

I truly became a fan of this show while watching him interview actor Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds, The Simpsons, The Godfather III).  Listening to Joe talk about starting off as an actor and his first gig on stage in the original cast of Glengarry Glen Ross as Ricky Roma, you could see that Kevin was so interested in everything that Joe had to say.  Not only that, we were too.  I hung on every word that was being said and really felt like I was sitting at this table with these guys just having a drink and talking.  And the following week his guests were comedian's Bobby Slayton (The Pitbull of Comedy) and Doug Benson (Super High Me, VH1's Best Week Ever).  These were some of the funniest interviews I have ever seen.  And I believe that the reason for this is that were able to say pretty much whatever they wanted without worrying about censors or panicking advertisers.  

With that old school charm and contemporary freedom he is also able to let the people viewing live online be a part of the show.  On the web site homepage, viewers can log into a live chat room to discuss the show as it airs and submit questions to Kevin and his guests.  You can also submit questions or comments via Twitter. (  Where many others are either scared of the power of the internet, or are pretending to totally get it (I'm looking at you Larry King); Kevin Pollak has embraced it and invited all of us to be a part of his party.  And it's a party that even has silly games.  With each show Kevin asks his guest to play the Larry King game, and you can play along at home if you're drunk enough.  Think of some off the wall thing that Larry may end up admitting on the air and then go to a caller from an odd sounding city.  All while doing your worst Larry King impression.  Example: (Imagine the suspenders and gruff voice) "So I looked over at Regis and said, 'What?  You think this is the first dead hooker I've seen? Rancho Cucamonga, hello."  You can also challenge Kevin to a game of 'Six Degrees of Kevin Pollak'.  

So with that, I give you POParitaville's first pick for 'Pod-Casting Couch'… Kevin Pollak's Chat Show.  I encourage you to download past episodes (for free!) on iTunes.  Especially the ones I previously mentioned.  

Be sure to catch our next feature as we explore 'Be The Marriage Live! (On Ice)'.

Enjoy the couch!

**'Kevin Pollak's Chat Show' streams live on Sunday's at 5:00 p.m. PST.  The show is then available as a free download on iTunes the following day, and on  If you have sensitive ears, or just don't like to have fun, be advised that the language is uncensored and NSFW.          

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  1. I just watched some of it. It's fantastic. I'm totally subscribing on itunes right now.