Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The LOST Blog - LOST: 5.12


LOST 5.12

We'll call this weeks episode "Cool, A BETA VCR!"  We open this week with young Miles and his mom looking to move into an apartment.  Miles wants a candy from the vending machine, instead he hears a dead dude talking to him from an apartment.  Thus we see when his mom finds out he can do this.  Now we come back to the island and Sawyer and Kate are heading back when Sawyer calls Miles on the radio and asks him to "accidentally" erase the tape of he and Kate taking little Benny Potter.  That's all well and good, but Horace comes in and sends Miles out to make a delivery to Radzinsky and pick something up from him as well.  Turns out the something is a corpse who he finds out by talking with him (sorta) had one of his fillings pulled out of his teeth and through his brain (sweet!) while working on something super secret.  Of course, our guess is that it's the magnetic energy at the center of the island. 
Well he brings the body back and Horace tells him to take it to Dr. Chang.  (Creepy dude from the training films)  He agrees to go and Hurley decides to carpool with him because maybe they can prevent global warming from starting.   Nice.  They argue for a bit because this is supposed to be super duper top secret mission.  But H convinces him, probably with the help of his garlic mayo spread.  This would be a great time for a flashback....hey, there it is.  Miles is now an older dude with very spiky hair and lots of piercings.  It looks like they pulled out his make-up from X-Men 3.  (Google it)  His mom is very sick and he's coming go visit her before she passes away.  He wants to know about his dad and why he is the way he is.  What could have very easily been a scene to make him look like a jerk, turned out to be a very heart felt scene.  We can see how confused he is and how much he truly does love his mom.  He's just a kid who doesn't get it and wants to know where his dad is.  Momma Miles tells him that his dad never cared about them and kicked them out when he was a baby.  She tells him that he's dead and buried in a place he'll never find him.  (Gee, could that be the island?)  
In other news, Kate decides to play redeemer and takes it upon herself to try and make Benny Potter's dad feel better when he discovers his kid is gone.  Now, call me kooky, but for a place that is supposed to be on total lock down and fear anyone who isn't your own, nobody seems to care that his kid is missing from their hospital.  Dad just has a beer and sits on the swings with his mop.  He now suspects Kate, because she's guilty and her character needed something to do this week.  He confesses this feeling to Jack who is cleaning up a classroom, which apparently is his turf.  Jack tries to convince him that he's thinking crazy because he's drunk..with his mop, and to not worry about it.  Again, why tell this info to the Jack the Janitor instead of Huge Head Security Guy?
Miles and Hurley are driving along when Hurley is writing in a journal and notices a foul smell.  He looks around the back to make sure his garlic mayo isn't bad when he discovers the body.  Mile tells him how he died and Hurley clues in on Miles' ability.  H lets him know that he won't tell because he can do the same thing.  They arrive at the Orchid site and meet up with Dr. Chang, who is none to pleased that Hurley is there on his Super Duper Top Secret Mission.    He threatens Hurley with the idea of being fed to the polar bears on the other island if he speaks a word of the frame that they are building.  When Dr. C walks away for a moment to be angry somewhere else Hurley says that he thinks that guy is kind of a douche.  Then Miles tells H,"That douche is my dad."  Finally a well thought up twist!  He asks Miles how he knows.  He tells him that his first clue was when on the third day they were there his mom got in line behind him in the cafeteria.  Great Scott!  Well they are now a taxi service for Dr. Dad and have to take him to a Triple Super Duper Top Secret place.  During the drive Hurley tries to get them to bond.  A little Dr. Dad/Time Travelling Son thing.  While H gets him to spill some info we learn that Miles has just been born and he was named after Miles Davis.  His dad doesn't like jazz, his mom does.  He likes country.  This gives us a priceless "Seriously?" look from Miles.  Well they arrive at this secret place hidden behind a fence with leaves.  (clever)  It turns out it's a dig site.  And we conveniently over hear the construction team ask what serial number is to be put on this thing.  Guess what numbers they're gonna be?  Yup.. 4 8 15 16 23 42.  H is repeating them and Miles wonders what's up.  He tells him about the hatch in Hurley-ese.  
Flashback.  Miles is being payed by a guy to see if his son knew he loved him before he died.  Miles says that in order for it work he needs a body, but the son has been cremated. Bummer.  Well, Miles fakes it and says yes.  As he's leaving he's approached by Naomi (the parachuting chick from a couple of seasons ago).  Her employer (Whidmore) wants to hire him.  She takes him to a restaurant/morgue to audition him by having him read what happened to a dead dude.  He was bringing some materials to Whidmore when he died.  Miles freaks out a little bit with this info and tells her no thanks.  She offers him $1.6 million and he changes his mind.  Then while getting some dinner, Miles is grabbed by some dudes in masks and thrown into a van.  I believe the license plate frame said 'Cliche on Wheels'.  They warn Miles about working for Whidmore and going to the island.  They offer to tell him all he wants to know about his dad and why he is the way he is.  He tells them that he doesn't really care anymore but he won't go if they double what he's being paid.  They aren't going to pay him, and then they get tough by....gently placing him on the street.  Alright, it's implied that these people probably work for Ben.  BUT, do they?  Or are we now being introduced to the Other Other's?  Damn it!
Back on 70's island Hurley and Miles are driving back to that place they go (is it a camp, town, village, cult, sub-urb?) when H keeps trying to push Miles into getting closer with his dad.  Miles tells him why he won't and to drop it.  H keeps doing it so Miles stops the van to argue some more.  So he decides to get into Hurley's head by grabbing his journal.  He finds out that H has been writing 'The Empire Strikes Back'.  He says since the original 'Star Wars' came out in '77 Mr. Lucas will be looking for his sequel.  So he's writing it and is making some needed changes.  (Sorry about this gang, but my nerd must be unleashed at some inaccuracies here...)  Hurley tells him that if Luke and Vader (son and dad) just communicated they could have found peace in the galaxy.  That Luke found out it was his dad and over reacted which made him got his arm chopped off.  Sorry LOST writers, but Luke did not find out DV was his dad until after his hand was cut off.  And then he explains how Luke never tried just talking with his dad after that to try and resolve everything.  Sorry again.  'Return of the Jedi' Luke goes to Vader to turn himself in to try and talk to him and convince him that there is good in him.  What happens?  Oh, dad takes him to the Emperor to get bar-b-q'd.  And make changes to 'The Empire Strikes Back'?  Are you nucking futs?!?  Arguably one of the best sequels (if not movies) of all time?  For a character who says he's seen 'Empire' 200 times, he never actually watched it.  Jerk.  Funny scene, yes.  Inaccurate?  Very.  
Back at the camp, housing place, Sawyer finally gets back and comes home to find Jack and Juliet having some coffee.  He lets Sawyer know that Ben's dad is on to Kate but that he thinks he calmed him down.  That's it.  Jack leaves wit his new 'whatever' demeanor.  Well Sawyer goes to say something to Kate when he's approached by Huge Head Security Guy who tells him that he knows who took Ben.  He shows Sawyer the tape from his bag.  So Sawyer invites him in to talk about it then knocks him out.  Fun!  Outside Miles is walking past Dr. Dad's house when he sees him playing with infant Miles.  In what is probably one of the most touching scenes ever on this show, Miles sees that his dad did truly care about him and love him.  Dr. Dad then gets a phone call and quickly heads out of the house.  Miles turns to leave but the Doc sees him and says, "Miles, I need you."  This seems to be words that Miles has waited his whole life to hear.  He asks Miles to drive him to the dock to help welcome and unload some materials from a group of scientists from Ann Arbor.  In a "meh" moment (meaning it was supposed to be big deal but it was very predictable) while unloading some materials Faraday comes out of the sub.  Miles is surprised and Faraday tells him it's been a long time.  
Dramatic music, dramatic music.... whoosh...LOST!
Alright, so I have to say that this was probably one of their best episodes.  They finally took the time to develop a character who's been in our face now for a couple of seasons.  Unlike with Sawyer, who I never really felt sorry for, you really did feel sorry for Miles.  He made you want to learn more about him.  I loved his connection to the island.  I do have to admit that once his mom said his dad was dead I began scouring my brain with the different Asian actors that have been on the show so far.  I completely forgot about the Doc.  So did his dad do something that made him that way AND make his mom sick?  Will the space time continuum rip when Dr. Dad finds out who he is?  Does he already know who he is?  Will Hurley make 'The Empire Strikes Back' more Chewbacca-friendly?  Is that really how they're explaining the f****** numbers?  They were the serial number for the hatch?  That's it?  Maybe we find out in two weeks with the next new episode.  Did anyone else notice that in the promo for next week's special they kept reminding us that it was a special?


  1. Yeah, I liked this one, too. But I've been enjoying this season anyway. And just to confuse myself, I'm also watching re-runs on the Sci-Fi Channel. They just happen to be at the point where Miles and Faraday and Co. first (?) arrived on the island.

    Hurley's explanation of what's wrong with the original Star Wars trilogy was funny. Instead of fixing the movie, he should be trying to take credit for a great movie idea. Why would you want to fix this trilogy anyway? Hurley should be re-writing "Star Trek: The Motion Picture".

    Oh, and I think the tape is a 1" VHS. (As opposed to the standard, consumer 1/2").