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The LOST Blog - LOST: 5.12

**Spoiler Alert**

LOST: 5.12

We'll call this this week's episode, "Watch That Step."  This weeks episode was very Ben-centrick and Lock-full of jungle trekking.  We start where we left off last week.  Locke admiring Ben as he's resting peacefully in the infirmary.  From here we go back and see young Benny Potter healing in their camp.  Charles Whidmore tries to tell non-getting-old-dude (Richard) that he should have let him die.  Richard then tells him that Jacob wanted him and the island has chosen him.  We then advance more years later when Ben and young Ethan are spying on young Russo in a self made shelter on the beach.  Ben goes in with the intent to kill her until he sees that she has a baby.  He then takes the baby and warns her that if she follows them he will kill her and that if she hears whispers she needs to run in the other direction.  He gets back to camp and Charles Whidmore gets mad that he didn't kill Russo and that he has this baby.  Ben tells him that Jacob wanted him to bring her back and Charles doesn't say anything.

Later Ben explains to Locke how he has never seen the island do what it did to him.  Ben tells Locke that he had to come back to the island to be judged.  Locke decides that he's going to join Ben when he goes back to the main island.  Of course this doesn't set well with the rest of the new cast that no one cares about.  So Cesar decides he's going to be cool and show off his gun to threaten Locke.  Whoops, turns out Ben took it from him and he shoots Cesar, saving the producers money by eliminating a speaking role.  The non-speaking dudes back off and Ben and Locke head off to the main island. 

We go back again, this time it's when Whidmore is being banished from the island.  Ben tells him that he's being banished because he broke the rules.  He left the island regularly and had a baby with someone who wasn't one of them.  They then threaten each other some more and we discover that what was at first glance a cool show with sci-fi influences and mystery, was really just a pissing contest between two guys.  Seriously?!?!?  "I hate you so you're not coming back."  "Well I hate you more and I'm gonna get you."  "Oh yeah?"  "Yeah!"  "You're momma!"  That pretty much sums up everything that has controlled the events happening to everyone else.  Nice.  Well, at least we get to see how Ben got hurt before getting on the plane. He found Penny and was going to kill her because Whidmore killed his not-really-his daughter Alex.  But wait, there's a dude mysteriously out of view while going through a car trunk.  Oh, it's Desmond.  Bang!  In a show of in-humanity, Ben shoots Desomond's groceries.  Because that shot went no where near his body even though they wanted us to think it did.  But the groceries man, the groceries!  Well he now is about to go after Penny as well as she stands on the boat.  For the first time in the show, we see some humanity in Ben.  He sees their son and lowers his gun.  Surprise, Desmond jumps Ben and gives him all the wounds we saw on him then tosses him in the water for a pretty Sunset Blvd. impersonation.  

On the main island they come to the abandoned houses and see a light on in Alex's old room. Inside are Sun and Lepidous.  They tell Ben that they were told to wait there for John Locke. They show the old picture of everyone in the 70's with the Dharma gang.  Ben seems surprised at this.  Locke tries to explain to them everything that is going on.  Luckily that happens through the commercial break so we're not subjected to the same who's on first game from last week. Lepidous decides that he's going to go back to the other island and see if he can get the plane's radio working.  Locke tells Ben that he should go and do what he came for.  So Ben goes into his secret closet to call out the islands judge.  Here come da' judge, here come da' judge.  And in what seems to be one of the oddest and kinda dumb things I've seen so far, we discover that the way to let the smoke monster out is pull the drain.  Yup.  The smoke monster is the Tidy Bowl Man.  Ben tells the Drain-O the Magnificent that he'll be outside.  Outside only Sun is there and she asks him about Locke.  Ben confesses that he has never seen anything like that happen and having him there scares the hell out of him.  Ben tells him that he has to wait for smokey since he can't control it. (which I find hard to believe, because he didn't he do that when he had it come after Whidmore's men last season?)  Locke says he knows where it is and will take them there.  

So they set off through the jungle and Ben confesses that he doesn't like following.  They end up at the temple that Locke saw Russo's men get sucked under earlier this season by smokey.  Well Locke and Ben are the only ones who venture in, torches and all.  It now becomes 'Bendiana Jones and the Temple of Smoke Gets In Your Eyes'.  Earlier in the episode Locke told Ben that he thought he was here to be judged on letting Alex be killed.  Ben tells him that he's right.  Suddenly the floor gives way and Ben falls through through landing in a secret floor that looks a lot like a combination of the map room and Well of Souls in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Locke tells him that he'll go find something to help pull him up.  Before Ben can get out the Staff of Ra', smokey comes out of the floor and alter and forms a twister around him as different things pass him by.  Which is fitting because he originally said his name was Henry Gale.  As smokey shows him the things he's being judged for, Ben once again shows some humanity as he sees flashback after flashback..just like we've had to.  Well, I guess the island decides he's sincere and lets him live for now.  Well that's not all.  Alex appears to him and he apologizes to her.  Alex then tosses him around a little and tells him that he now has to follow Locke.  Wherever he goes, whatever he asks, he needs to follow Locke.  Ben agrees and then she's gone.  Of course this is when Locke shows back up with a vine to help pull him out.

Back on Extra Island, Lepidous shows up and finds out that the new cast has been given props. They have guns.  And new Michelle Rodriguez (because all she does is scowl just like her and breaths heavily through her nose just like her) wants to know what's in the foot of the statue.  (I hope it's candy)  Since he doesn't know she knocks him out.

Dramatic music, dramatic music...whoosh....LOST.

Alright.  Here's my quick thoughts on this.  Can smokey appear as people?  Is this how everyone sees people that help guide them?  Locke dissapears, smokey is there.  Smokey dissapears and Alex is there.  Alex leaves and Locke shows up.


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  1. I actually enjoyed this episode. Not sure why. Couple of thoughts:
    Can't wait to see why Whidmore got voted off the island (and in handcuffs).
    In the Temple, I kept waiting for the Sleestaks to come out of the shadows.
    Loved Ben's line, "You should go inside because I can't control what's about to come out of that jungle." (ENTER Locke) Made me laugh out loud.
    If movies have told us anything, the Egyptian Book of the Dead is in the foot of the statue. I'm just sayin'.
    Lastly, Ben only shows compassion to children; is this because he was denied a childhood because he was saved by The Others? Welcome to Character Development 101, or Intro to Psych.