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The LOST Blog - LOST: 5.11

**Same Spoiler Alert, Different Week**

LOST 5.11

We'll call this week's episode, "Awww, f*** it."  We open with Kate going to Arizona to see Sawyer's daughter and his ex-girlfriend.  Kate tells her the truth about everything except for where Aaron came from.  His ex feels sorry for Kate and Kate looks sad...again.  

Back on 70's island, Jin wakes up and sees Benny Potter on the ground and that he's been shot.  But wait, HE'S NOT DEAD!  WTF writers!  So Jin brings the kid back to camp and Juliet gets to working on him.  During this time Sawyer is trying to figure out who it was that let Sayid out.  Well Horice takes Sawyer to show him the janitor keys in the lock of the cell to show him that it was one of them.  Oh no!  Well Sawyer tells Miles to grab Jack, Kate and Hurley and keep them in one of the houses so that they don't get their stories crossed if they get questioned.  This then leads to some scenes where it's almost as if we hear the writers trying to force us to believe that they know what's going on by having Miles try to explain to Hurley them traveling in time and it's effect on the future.  Then, just like us, he gives up by realizing that his explanation doesn't make sense.  Kinda like when the writers were trying to figure it out themselves they too said, "Awww, f*** it."  Which is good because trying to over explain it instead of just going with it is like when you meet someone that has to constantly prove that they are smart by talking and talking and talking until some says, "Awww, f*** it," and walk away.  

Jumping back to Kate off the island she has a scare where she almost loses Aaron in a grocery store.  A lady who said she was going to have them make an announcement about him will probably pop up again because it was a loooong close-up and exchange between them.  So next season we'll find out that she was actually the Smoke Monster the whole time.  Well for some reason this makes Kate go and tell Claire's mom about him and explain the whole thing.  Maybe it was his whole, "I want milk, I want juice, wah wah," that made her say, "Awww, f*** it."  So she tells Claire's mom the truth about everything and that she is going back to the island to try and find Claire.  

Back on 70's island Kate has a complex where she needs to save Ben because he's a kid.  So when Juliet tells her that she can't do anything for Benny Potter because he needs a surgeon, Kate goes to Jack.  I have to say that this made me like Jack quite a bit.  He flat out tells her no.  And his reason for it was brilliant.  He tells her that 30 years from then he'll be in a cell and she'll beg him to save Ben then to save Sawyer.  He's already done it once, he's not going to do it again.  He did do it for Sawyer, he did it for her.  She tells him that she doesn't like the new Jack and he tells her, "You didn't like the old me either."  BOOM!  That's how he rolls!  She's so mad she goes and donates blood to help lil Benny.  (That'll show him!)  That doesn't help though.  He's not going to make it and there is nothing that she can do to help now.  So Kate decides that if she can get Ben to the Other's that they can help him.  Juliet decides to help her do that and now they have a bonding moment.  When Kate reaches the perimeter fence Sawyer shows up to help her.  

They get him down to a stream when some of the Other's show up.  Sawyer tells them that they want to Richard.  And finally the episode starts to get interesting.  Richard shows up and Kate asks for his help to save Ben.  Richard tells them (in kind of a creepy, pedophile way) he can save young Ben, but he will not have any memory of these events and that his childhood innocence will be lost forever.  Eww.  Kate and Sawyer agree and Richard grabs Ben and carries him away.  He then arrives outside of the Temple of Doom and takes Ben in through a secret doorway.  Back on Future Island, older Ben wakes up in the infirmary to find Locke sitting at his bedside.

Dramatic music, dramatic music.... Whooosh...LOST!

Alright, so for me most of this episode just felt like it was waaaaay drawn out to get to the interesting last 3 minutes.  First off, it was a cop out for the writers to shoot Ben and surprise surprise he survives.  "But Ben is an integral part of where the story is going, so we can't kill him yet."  Bulls***!  There are a dozen other roads that you could have taken him down to get him there, but you chose the one that you knew would get people to talk and then cop out.  Jerks.  Again, I thought the last 3 minutes of the episode were the best when they were in the jungle.  As I have said for the past few seasons, the have gotten rid of the most intriguining character of the show... The Island.  Hopefully with Ben now needing to confront the smoke monster, the island will come to life again.  Then again, probably not.  Awww, f*** it.



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