Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Leonard Nimoy Joins Cast Of 'Fringe'. Shatner Vows To Chop Their Travel Costs. is reporting that JJ Abrams has signed Leonard Nimoy to join the cast of his new hit show 'Fringe' on FOX.  According to the article Nimoy will play
"William Bell, Walter Bishop's former lab partner-turned-millionaire founder of Massive Dynamic." 
He will make his first appearance in this season's finale episode.  Last year 'Fringe' really developed a following at Comic Con by screening the pilot episode the entire weekend which helped make it one of TV's only new stand out hits of the year.  This was helped even more this past week by having it's lead in be 'American Idol'.  Together they dominated the ratings Tuesday night.  You can bet with the addition of Mr. Nimoy to the cast, fanboys will flock even more to this show.  Take the jump over to for the full article.   

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