Thursday, April 23, 2009

'Heroes' Losing Some Of It's Power Next Season

NBC's 'Heroes' will be coming back next season, but it won't be as super.  According to it will only have an order of 18-20 episodes.  With this happening it probably means that the season probably won't start until the late fall or winter.  This is a trend that FOX started a few years ago with '24'.  They opted to start the season in January so that they could air the season without any repeats.  The question is will this help 'Heroes'?  This past season has been the lowest rated season to date.  For a show that was a hit before it even began, thanks the legions of fanboys and girls, it took a tumble after the WGA strike and could never regain any momentum.  Plus, viewership for NBC is down overall.  And how do you advertise a show to an audience that just isn't there?  Hello? Hellooo?  The show's stpry line did get way off track in season 2 as they tried to bring so many new characters in that it no longer centered on a central plot of saving the world, and became a soap opera about trying to fit in.  In an unprecedented move, 'Heroes' creator Tim Kring wrote an apology to fans about the direction of the show and vowed that it would get better.  And it has.  Sadley the audience is gone now and NBC just can't seem to get them back.  I see more advertising for the show on NBC than anywhere else.  And you just advertise a good show to an audience that is barely there.  We'll see what the response is at Comic Con this year.  Assuming that NBC will be sending the show there to promote next season.  

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  1. I hope it comes back. It's such a sweet show.