Friday, April 10, 2009

Disney Borrows 'Earth'. Promises Enough Ear Hats To Go Around For Generations.

Have you ever been watching something and realize, "Hmmm…that look's  really familiar."  Well it happened to me last weekend.  A commercial came on for an upcoming documentary that Disney is touting as one of the most spectacular…blah, blah, blah.  And I realized that it looked an
 awful lot like the amazing BBC/Discovery mini-series 'Planet Earth'.  Then it got to the title of the movie, 'Earth', which looks a LOT like the 'Planet Earth' title.  Well it turns out that there was a reason for that.  One person who saw the movie early posted this message on Twitter: 
"Disney's "Earth" = Discovery "Planet Earth" but in 2 hours. Same footage... Kinda dissapointed but was kinda cool on the big screen."
What's the deal Disney?  They have re-edited the footage from Planet Earth to make it seem as if they are the creators of this fantastic piece of work.  This is a comment from someone else who has seen the movie already and posted their thoughts on IMDB:  
"It skips much of the scientific detail that Attenborough covers in his 'Planet Earth' series. For instance, Earth will tell you that a tropical sea is an ideal nursery for a young humpback whale, because there are few predators. Planet Earth will tell you that a tropical sea is a good nursery, because the water is low in oxygen and doesn't contain enough nutrients to support very large animals.."
So not only are they making the public believe it's their work, but they are eliminating much of the truth from the series as well.  How have they changed the scene with the African elephants in search of water?  In the series we see that during a dust storm the youngest elephant gets lost and strays from the pack heading in the wrong direction from water.  Meaning that it would not survive in the desert.  Will the baby now be a curious little thing who likes to wander even though Mom tells him not to?  Am I saying don't see the movie?  No.  Anything that shows people the beauty of this world is a good thing.  I am though suggesting that you watch the real series in HD.  I want to see the team who risked their lives to get this footage and the networks that really took the chance in making this get the credit they deserve.  Not just a company who's acting like Varuca Salt and saying, "That's a pretty movie Daddy.  I want my own documentary now!  And tell everyone I did it."  

The sad truth is that Disney has been repackaging stuff all the time, and not just their awful direct to video sequels.  Take a look below and you'll see what I mean.   Thanks to our reader JF for directing us to this.

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  1. Wow. I never realized Disney re-used stuff so much. Though I suppose the "Beauty and the Beast" dance could be considered an homage. Hey, why waste good rotoscoping?