Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Death Of MySpace?

Just this past weekend at lunch with another member of the POP Patrol I discussed the idea of writing a 
piece about the death of MySpace.  I would discuss how people have jumped over to the Facebook, the Twitter and others who just walked away.  This came to mind as I noticed that when ever I actually did log on to MySpace not a lot of people were there.  For around the past 6 months or so there seemed to be a lack of... well anything really.  The only bulletins I've seen are ads and surveys.  Granted, I am a responsible for a lot of that as well.  I think I've only posted headlines from here for quite a while.   

I could go on and on, and may still perhaps write up the feature..but it seems that my thoughts and observations must have been right on.  How so?  Well social network kiddies, both USA Today and the Wall Street Journal are reporting that MySpace founders Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson are stepping aside.  I guess this means if you're late to the party and sign up for MySpace, you won't start off with Tom as your friend.  Maybe you're first friend will be a MySpace ad.  The Wall Street Journal is also reporting that News Corp. is bringing in former Facebook COO Owen Van Natta to be the new Chief Executive at MySpace.  If this is indeed the case, this really hits home that Facebook has pinned the MySpace against the ropes.  The question is how long can Facebook keep it up?  With it's new changes a couple of months ago Facebook users were so bitter about the changes that it looked as if the site was about to go the way of the MySpace.  The new internet culture is fickle and social sites can pop up anywhere. And right now, waiting in the wings to take over is Twitter.  And once their time is up in the requisite year and half we'll already be on the to the next thing.  After all, we'll need something to tell our friends 20 facts about us and that we took a quiz to see what state we should be named after.  Man, I really need to go read a book.     

What say you?  Are you still dedicated to updating your profile on MySpace?  Do you fill out quiz after quiz?  Have you left for something new?  Do you think that it can come back and take down both Facebook and Twitter?  

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