Monday, April 13, 2009

Country Demands More Mediocrity = 'Hannah Montana Movie' #1

The thought of posting a scientific study linking Miley 
Cyrus movies/tv show/music with the decline and fall of western civilzation was considered.  Instead, a moment of silence is to be observed signaling the end of talent and all that was good in entertainment.  At this time, the world can no longer say at any given moment, "There's nothing good on TV," or "There's nothing good at the movies," because you brought it on yourself.

Weekend Top 10:

1. "Hannah Montana: The Movie," $34 million.

2. "Fast & Furious," $28.8 million.

3. "Monsters vs. Aliens," $22.6 million.

4. "Observe and Report," $11.1 million.

5. "Knowing," $6.7 million.

6. "I Love You, Man," $6.4 million.

7. "The Haunting in Connecticut," $5.7 million.

8. "Dragonball: Evolution," $4.7 million.

9. "Adventureland," $3.4 million.

10. "Duplicity," $3 million. 
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  1. I think we're being unfair; the success of Hannah Montana is due to children and it's not their fault; their tiny brains are no match for the marketing behemoth that is the Disney machine. It's like nicotine for kids.
    Now had Paul Blart 2 (aka Observe and Regurgitate) opened at #2, I'd be joining in with the artistic pitchfork. But America steered clear of that steaming turd and let it open at #4, so there could be hope. After all, look at the rest of that list; it's not like there's much of an artistic alternative.

  2. True. Point taken. Although I have heard that Dragonball: Evolution is like the re-birth of Kurosawa. Or was that Wood? I don't remember.