Thursday, March 26, 2009

Want to Break Into Show Biz?

Nikki Finke is reporting today that Marvel Studios, flush with the recent success of Ironman, is looking to put a bunch of writers on staff. Before you send in your "Batman Retires" spec script, there are a few deal points you should know:

  • No Marvel comic book writers can apply; apparently you're only good for storyboarding.

  • Before you can even come in for a meeting, you must sign a non-disclosure agreement; that's pretty standard.
  • The 70 page, non-negotiable 1-year contract is rumored to give Marvel ownership rights to anything you create during the term; that's pretty standard for most media companies as well (even if you're not in the creative part of their business).

  • Marvel has first-look and last-refusal rights to anything you have already created (presumably projects not optioned or already sold), as well as anything you create for 24 months (not sure if this includes or is in addition to the Term of the contract).

So essentially, you will be under contract for a year, and writing on spec for 2. I assume this program is in anticipation of the need for an in-house team of round-the-clock creative types (or typers) to assist on the completion of several tentpole films with escallated timelines over the next 3 years.

Marvel could not be reached for comment (meaning I don't have any contacts there and a cursory search of their website yielded no results).

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