Wednesday, March 11, 2009

South Park Takes On Disney In Season Premiere!

Wow!  Tonight's premiere of South Park hit it out of the park again.  Not only was it a fantastic skewering of the Jonas Brothers, but it was a direct hit at the truth of how Disney markets to kids.  I'm sure there will be no official comment from the mouse house, but it's safe to say that Matt and Trey will not be getting a Christmas card this year.  Season after season Matt and Trey show that they have a unique understanding of what is happening in pop culture (Cartoon Wars) to headline news (Best Friends Forever).  And through it they make you laugh at situations that you sometimes wonder if you should be laughing.  That's the fun with South Park.  Quite often they are the ones holding the mirror up to society, forcing it to look at it's self while making us laugh uncontrollably.  That brings us to tonight's season premiere.  Honestly, there is no way that words here could do this episode justice.  Here is a small preview of tonight's South Park premiere, 'The Ring':

This episode is scheduled to repeat so be sure to check the schedule.  If you don't have Comedy Central, suck.  You should also be able to purchase the episode on iTunes and watch next week over at    


  1. Disney should hope they are the ones to get a Christmas card from Matt & Trey (lest we forget that South Park began as a Christmas card from them called "The Spirit of Christmas" which later became an episode of the series, minus the brilliant addition of the word "pig-fucker.")
    And who could forget the cancelled-before-its-time "That's My Bush"; oh how I wish that show could have run longer than one season...

  2. "One of these days Laura, I'm gonna punch you in the face."