Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Los Angeles 'Snuggie' Pub Crawl. Yup, You Read That Right.

Have you ever found you and your friends on a pub crawl through the south bay and said, "Gee, I sure love drinking but I wish I could also be warm."  Well now is your chance kiddies!  I give to you the Los Angeles 'Snuggie' Pub Crawl.  This will be happening on March 28th beginning at 2:00PM.  I myself have yet to give in and get a Snuggie because unlike the woman in the commercial who is apparently to dumb to figure out how to get out from under a blanket, I'm okay with my N.A.P. material blanket.  But if you are inclined, here are the details according to the Facebook event page:
We will begin the pub crawl at Barnacles (837 Hermosa Ave) and continue on to the pier. If you have to join later you won't miss the large group of people wearing the Snuggies.
So if you want to join up for some interesting times and be the envy of every homeless person you see, take the jump over to the event page on Facebook for more details.

1 comment:

  1. I think it's a stretch to call it the LA Snuggie Pub Crawl; if it starts in Hermosa, it's likely to not venture too far. Perhaps it should be referred to as the Hermosa Snuggie Pub Crawl? Whatever; don't have a Snuggie, and won't waste my cash. I will stay at home under my cashmiere blanket, drink premium alcohol for less than what the Hermosa bars will charge, and avoid the annoying Hipsters who threw away 20 on a robe they're gonna wear the wrong way on purpose.