Monday, March 2, 2009

Schwarzenegger Confirmed In T4! Our Governor Can Beat Up Your Governor..Or Get His Stunt Double To Do It.

This past weekend during several interviews at Wonder Con in San Francisco, director McG confirmed that California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger will be making a cameo in Terminator:Salvation.  According to (you read that right), G confirmed that a CG version of Arnie looks great and is good to go in the film.  He also said that Shwarzenegger saw the film a few days ago and called on G to see if there is anything more he can do.  We'll have to wait for the final product this summer (or someone to leak information) to find out exactly what ends up happening.  McG also said that he is trying to see if he can get Linda Hamilton to possibly do some voice over work to inserted.  Oh it doesn't stop there.  He also told this roundtable group that he would love to have Robert Patrick (the infamous morphing T-1000 from T2) do some work in T5.  Here's how it was discussed:

TheArnoldFans: Will we possibly have a return of Robert Patrick in a CG form?

McG: Funny, I talk to Robert Patrick with great regularity. It's interesting and i'll bounce it off of you guys (McG begins to lower his voice and leans in closer to me so the other press tables don't hear). I mean, I like the idea and the perspective for the next picture that you meet Robert Patrick the way he looks today...and he's a scientist that's working on, you know, improving cell replication so we can stay healthier and we can cure diabetes and do all these things that sound like good ideas...and to once again live as idealized expressions as ourselves. So imagine seeing a 60-year-old Robert Patrick and KNOWING 'holy shit' that's GOING TO BE the T-1000 who comes back perfect, lean and the whole thing (McG makes the T-1000 "naughty naughty" finger swaying movement). I haven't concluded that but Robert and I had dinner the other night.

Take the jump to read more about what went on at the Warner Bros. Wonder Con panel, including a panel with the cast and crew of 'Watchmen'.

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