Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Phil Collins News?

This seemed so odd that it had to be shared.  It seems the Phil has been spending quite a bit of time in San Antonio, Texas at the Alamo.  Apparently since he was a kid he has had a facination with the Alamo.  So much so that he has hundreds of cannonballs from there.  He has also collected other artifacts as well from the famous battle.  According to an interview with the San Antonio Express News Phil said:
"Basically, now I've stopped being Phil Collins the singer. This has become what I do,"
No joke, he is in San Antonio to speak to the Alamo Defenders Descendants this weekend.  Perhaps he'll be telling them how Davy Crockett felt it, "coming in the air tonight."  Hehehehe... oh shut up.

Take the jump to the AP story.


  1. Sounds to me like Phil has been sipping out of Joaquin Phoenix's cup...

  2. I really hope he picks up a Tex-Mex accent. How awesome would that be!