Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The LOST Blog: LOST - 5.9

**Spoiler...blah, blah**

LOST 5.9

We'll call this week's episode, "Oh, It's You." Time for the LOST theme song....Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. We open with the airline flight and see what happened in the plane after some of the peeps disappeared. What transpired next was some of the wort blue/green screen that I have seen since those cheesy do it yourself kiosks at the fair. One shot would the pilots bouncing around trying to get control of the plane, then it would show them from behind and they were perfectly still with what looked like footage from Microsoft's Flight Simulator. Well they crash land on the island and surprise surprise, the co-pilot is killed. And now we have a new slew of Extra's to be killed off later while pretending there is a threat that may harm some of the main characters only to have them killed instead. One of the new kids makes a fuss about everything they've seen on the island so far (buildings, animal cages, camera crews, craft services) and is for some reason mad at Lepedus. Well Ben decides to sneak off and Sun follows who is also followed by Lepedus. While being high and mighty and all Ben-ish, Sun knocks him out with an oar. She and Lepedus take a boat over to the other island where they see some trees knocked down and of course this is a big surprise because this has never happened....since earlier this season. They make their way to the housing village and everything is boarded up and run down. But in one of the houses Jack's dad shows up. He brings them in the house and shows them a group picture from 1977 that shows Jin with the rest of the gang, including Jack, Kate and Hurley. While we're at it, what's going on with them?

Back in 1977 Sawyer tries to quickly explain to them where they are and that they are a part of the Dharma project. Sawyer gets them a change of clothes and Juliet starts working on some paper work to make it look as if they are recruits coming in on the sub. While this is happening Jin has headed out to see if there is any report of a plane crashing since he now knows that Sun was on the plane. So he goes to see Radzinski. "Who 'dat?" may be wondering. Of course he's part of the Dharma project, but he has also been mentioned in the past. Back many seasons in the hatch, Desmond learns that one other person who used to have to input the numbers killed himself. Radzinski.

Well there's no plane, but they catch Sayid running around the jungle. Now everyone has to pretend that they don't know him while Sawyer tries to figure out how to save him. But there's of course one dude in Dharma who just thinks these new folks are suspicious. He himself is a creepy looking dude with a giant head, so we'll just call him 'Head'. Well the gang is kinda re-united and Jack decides that he should go and talk to Sawyer. This is where Jack discovers that he and Juliet are knocking boots and pretty serious. Sawyer lets him know that he is no longer the guy calling shots and that he's trying to figure out how to save everyone. But is he really? Jack leaves as Kate is looking very sad outside. Awww. Back in the holding cell where Sayid is, a young boy brings him some food. Surprise, surprise.. the kid is Ben. Okay, not really a surprise.

All in all it was a decent episode. It's really walking a fine line of letting the scorned ex-lover's story line take over. So where is this leading us. Only a couple of theories jump out at me this week, and they're nothing major. First off Radzinski. Is he the one who comes up with the famous numbers? Is that what drives him nuts? Or perhaps he made his partner nuts and he killed him? And now that Sayid has met Ben as a kid, he figure that if he kills him as a kid then everything else will be wiped away. To quote Doctor Emmit Brown, "Erased....from existence." Here's a last question though... did anyone even notice it didn't air for two weeks?

(dramatic music, dramatic music) WHHOOOSH... LOST!

What say you?


  1. You forgot to mention that my predicition from the last episode (Ben's daughter's boyfriend) actually turned out to be the ubiquitous Ethan.
    I agree, all-in-all a decent episode, but no real movement. I hope they leave all of the regular cast in 1977 and use the new castaways to start over.
    The only "hmm?" moment for me: Jack is assigned duties as a workman in the Dahrma project; do we suppose it's Jack's body Hugo and Sawyer find with the beer in the VW Vanagon? (Think back a few seasons...)

  2. Good theory on Jack. While Ben's flashback episode led us to believe that it was his dad's body in the van, seeing that they actually have a fleet of them could make it turn out to be Jack.