Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The LOST Blog - LOST:5.8

**Spoiler Blah, Blah,Blah**

LOST 5.8

We'll call this weeks episode, "You Should Really Invest In Earplugs."  We open with the longest re-cap/intro ever.  We once again see Locke go down the well and re-attach the Pirates of the Carribean prop and the island stops hopping.  This of course means that whatever time they stopped, that's where they stay.  And that happens to be in 1974.  We see members of the Dharma Initiative watching security monitors when they see one of their dudes on a monitor drunk and tossing dynamite.  They go to wake up their boss in the Dharma village who turns out to be Sawyer.  Huh...

Wait, here comes the theme..... Hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  

There is a lot of jumping around 3 years.  While walking through the jungle to get back to the beach Sawyer and the group come across a lady having a bag thrown over her head with a dead body next to her.  She is about to be dragged off by what appear to be Others.  Sawyer steps in to rescue her and he and Juliet end up killing the guys.  They help the lady take the dead body back because it's her husband.  But wait, she doesn't trust them.  She pretends to turn off the perimiter fence that kills people when they walk through it.  So when they walk through it Sawyer and the gang are knocked out.  But how did the lady survive?  Oh, she was wearing earplugs.  Really?  Earplugs?  That's all that was needed to survive this killing machine?  Lame, I say.  And it can be set for stun?  

After making up a story about crashing on the island in a freight vessel, they let Sawyer and the kids stay.  They do give them the option of leaving the island on the submarine.  But Sawyer feels that they need to stay there and wait for Locke to return.  Three years go by and Sawyer becomes the head of security and is joined by Jin and Miles; and Juliet is a mechanic.  However this gets tossed out the window when Juliet has to help the same lady they saved deliver a baby.  In celebrating this at home, we find out that Sawyer and Jules are now an item and in love?  Maybe?  This could turn into a soap opera when Kate arrives.  Ring, ring...Oh, they're here?  Well this is awkward.  Jin calls Sawyer on the hotline that goes from the van to the room.  Sawyer doesn't tell Juliet what's happening and heads out to meet Jin.  There is then a long staring reunion as everyone smiles and stands around just looking at each other as if they're posing for the poster and commercials.  


I know that there are some other things that happened during the hour, but not really.  And this was still a very good episode.  Again, I liked that they stuck with central characters and their story.  We now know how Faraday showed up in an earlier episode on the island.  And we saw young Charlotte playing so we know why he was telling her not to come back to the island.  See LOST, it's so nice when you answer questions.  I really hope the love triangle doesn't take over the story.  But we do have some Kate crying to catch up on from this week.  But we won't see it for another 2 weeks while they make room for Dancing With The "Stars?"




  1. Going back to when the rescued castaways had to re-enact the plane crash by trying to make everything be as close to the original as possible (whew, that was almost as long as an official recap intro), did ya notice Hurley was carrying a guitar case? So apparently, he's Charlie!

    Also, since everyone is someone else eventually, who will the new-born kid turn out to be? I'm guessing it's Rouseau's daughter's boyfriend who Ben exiled and killed a few seasons back...?

  2. Ahh.. and would that be the baby that was born in last night episode?

  3. I enjoyed the episode as well. But my favorite part was when the Mayor of Gotham City showed up (uh, Richard?) and Sawyer refers to him as "your buddy with the eyeliner." What is with that guy and his make-up? There also was a slight continuity problem with Sawyers beard in the "3 years earlier" segments. I'm guessing the flocking didn't work too well this week.

  4. Ha. I was so glad that they finally joked about the eyeliner.