Friday, March 13, 2009

Harry Potter Movie News... And It's Not Good.

Advance word has gotten out of a secret Chicago screening of 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince', and the word is not good.  Fans who were able to attend a test screening of the movie left pretty upset with what made it's way to the big screen.  According to
One Potter fan who attended the secret screening in Chicago fumed: "The film is dominated by romance – Ron with Lavender Brown, Ginny with Dean Thomas, Hermione's growing love for Ron, Ron's potion-affected desire for Romilda Vane, and ultimately Harry and Ginny."
Stop me if you've heard this already this year, but this is one of the most anticipated movies of this year.  Especially since it was pushed from opening last winter to this summer.  So the expectation level is high now that the tweeners and soccer moms want more angst ridden vampires in their lives.  While this story does see relationships grow and romances start, it all happens because they are being pushed together to try and survive the evil that has taken over their world.  And it leads to one of the most emotional turning points in the character's lives.  One of the worst things a studio can do it tick off nerds/fans.  While it's one thing to persue one's artistic vision to tell an adapted story, it's another thing to be handed a dark story and turn it into a Care Bear's movie.  Oh, you don't think Harry Potter fans are nuts, I mean dedicated?  Go and grab yourself some Every Flavor Beans, Butterbeer, your Invisibility Cloak and take a look at this new documentary 'We Are Wizards'.


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