Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do A Little Dance, Tell A Little News...

'Anchorman' showed us what TV news anchors say to each other while the credits roll, L.A. news anchor Paul Moyer showed us what happens before a broadcast when you're an ass (as heard here);  Well now WGN news has decided to up the ante by showing us what they do during commercial breaks.


  1. 2 thoughts on this:
    1) Is this their morning news team, and was this a specially taped "behind the scenes" segment?

    2) I'm leaning toward FAKE, because in live TV, the countdown coming out of commercial is verbal until 2...1, and those are just hand signals.

  2. I was just watching this (yes, again; it's a complete and utter train wreck), and was thinking, "Couldn't Kent Brockman and Lindsay Nagle do this on The Simpsons? Or the newspeople in Quahog on Family Guy?"