Sunday, March 15, 2009

Calling Fellow 'Star Wars' Nerds... Want To See 'Empire' And Director Irvin Kershner?

Of course you do!  I know I do.  We're geeks; Of course we do.  If you are going to be in the city of Monterey on Sunday, March 29th you'll have two chances to catch a screening of 'The Empire Strikes Back' introduced by the film's director Irvin Kershner (that's right.  it was not directed by George Lucas.) at the Golden State Film Festival.  Here are the specs from the web site:


Sunday, March 29 at 1:30pm, 8:30pm

The festival is honored to welcome Irvin Kershner, who will present his 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back, the second release in George Lucas' Star Warsseries.

When Irwin Kershner took the rather intimidating assignment of directing the sequel to George Lucas' megahit Star Wars, he brought a darker and more serious vision to the series. The film is deeply dramatic, thoughtful and emotional, yet the special effects and action that get audiences cheering are there in abundance.

Unlike the original film and Episode VI, Empire was left largely unchanged when it was re-released as the Special Edition in 1997.

You'll find ticket information after the jump.

Drop us a note if you'll be going and to which screening.

See you there.

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  1. We'll be at the 8:30 show, since our Star Trek RPG is meeting in the afternoon. Maximum geek Sunday!