Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bite Me in Blue-ray: Twilight on DVD review!!!!!

Hey everyone! It’s Happy Hour Chica posting for the first time, popping my “Poparitaville cherry” as it were. It’s March in LA, which means 85 degrees one day and 50 degrees the next. Pasty skinned spring breakers have started infiltrating the city, armed with flip-flops, cameras and expectations of sunshine and celebrity sightings.

The real reason I am writing is not to dwell on pale skinned college kids, but rather the pale skin of Edward Cullen in all its Blu-ray glory. I will shamelessly admit I am a total Twilight fan (a “twi-tard”, if you will ), I love the books and thought the movie was one of the best book-to-film adaptations I’d ever seen. I became the proud owner of Twilight on Blu-ray DVD this weekend, and have since watched it not once, but twice (and most of the special features!!).

Recently, my roommate splurged on not only a 42 inch HD flat screen television, but also a Blu-Ray player and surround sound. Oh, and she just got a Nintendo Wii. I told her if we can’t pick up guys with our effervescent charms and good looks, we could definitely get them with our kick-ass media center.

All right, onto the DVD. First of all, the sound in this movie is fabulous, there is a reason the soundtrack was so successful. I think sound can really make or break a movie, it is a film’s sound that is truly responsible for bringing out emotional reactions from the audience. And in Twilight, it’s all about the emotion, the passion and the danger. It’s a movie that’s modern and old fashioned simultaneously, so the music reflects that. I love that this is a soundtrack containing both Radiohead and Debussy.

The movie looks absolutely gorgeous. I’m originally from the Puget Sound, and rarely does seeing the constant gloom of the area portrayed on screen make me want to go back for a visit. The forest scenes are breathtaking, the whole film is shot in this blue tone (which my roommate says is done in telecine) that gives it almost a mythological feel.
One of the things I love about this movie is that while at it’s core it’s a love story, it also has some really awesome action sequences in it. All of the vampire effects (Edward running up the trees with Bella, the baseball game-which I’ll get to in a second, the final fight scene with James and Edward) just look so cool, you can see why a girl would ultimately want to become one.

The scene that I think had it all in this film was the baseball game, and it didn’t disappoint on the smaller screen. The music in this scene is bangin’, brilliant choice to use Muse’s “Supermassive Black Hole”. It just makes the whole scene ooze with sexiness, like a boy with scars, leather jacket and a motorcycle (wow, total Grease 2 flashback, sorry). This scene goes between the super-vampire speed and slow-motion action. I love it when filmmakers play with speed in a film, like in 300, Watchmen (love you Zack Snyder) and Wanted (such a great film). This is the scene I fell in love with Emmett (Kellan Lutz). However, my absolute favorite effect in the entire movie is in this scene. We’ll call it the bad-ass vampire conveyer belt. When James, Victoria and Laurent come sauntering in out of the mist, it is the coolest entrance in the film. You get to see how they do this (and every other scene, practically) in one of the DVD extras The Adventure Begins: From Book to Film, which I thought was a really great behind the scenes look at the whole process.

As for the rest of the DVD extras, there are a few nice things, I enjoyed the special on the music of Twilight, it was nice getting to see Robert Pattinson really play the piano (can that guy get any hotter?!?). The deleted and extended scenes were very minimal, I didn’t think there was anything really vital that hit the cutting room floor. There is an interesting snippet of Edward biting Bella in the chemistry class (a scene straight out of Midnight Sun for you die hard fans). There is a really silly music video (entitled Bella’s Lullaby Remix) that was no better than what I’ve seen fans come up with on Youtube. I also had high hopes for the Vampire Kiss Montage, and was a little disappointed.

If you get the chance or have the resources, watch Twilight on Blu-ray, it just looks so impossibly clear, and it is a movie that makes the most out of it’s incredible scenery. The actors look amazing (melt me with your eyes a little more, Robert Pattinson!! Melt me with your abs Cam Gigandet!!) Overall, this film transfers really nicely to a smaller venue, I felt swept away as much in my living room as I did in the dark theater. It’s good enough to get my teenage vampire angst fix anytime I want…….for now.

I'll have my POP blended, no salt--Happy Hour Chica

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