Thursday, March 5, 2009

Are You Watching The Watchmen?

Well, fellow nerds..tonight at midnight (ironically) the un-filmable graphic novel hits the big screen..Watchmen.  Some of you may even be reading this while you're in line waiting for midnight to fall. Others may have already had the chance to see an advance screening.  And some of you may have just heard about it for the first time.  While we will not be posting an official review yet, we want to know what you're thinking.  After you've seen the movie, come back here and share your thoughts. If you're in line waiting with other fans, if you happen to be near a theater where you see a line, or you are near a 5'3 270lb Dr. Manhattan… take some pictures and send them our way to post.  We'll be sure to give you credit for your photo's if we post them.  

The end is nigh…. 

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