Thursday, February 19, 2009

'YELP' Don't Look Too Good

The East Bay Express is reporting that popular review web-site has been doing some shady business.  Business owners are saying that they have received calls from sales representatives from Yelp offering to either move or completely get rid of bad reviews if they buy ad space.  And in some instances when a business owner declined, suddenly quite a few negative reviews would be listed for them.  For those that are not informed, here is how Yelp is supposed to work.  You can log onto their site, look up a business and write your own review of your experience.  Thus if you find yourself to be in a different part of town and want to know what the locals like,  you can see what experience's people have had and make your choice.  BUT, with these allegations coming out people have to wonder what's really going on.  Is it truly the local that's telling you that even though the restaurant has no ventilation or silver ware it was the best experience ever and they can't wait to go back; or are they shaking down this kid for his lunch money so that they won't beat him up on their site?

Take the jump over to the East Bay Express to read the full story.

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