Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who Wants To Own Playboy?

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be if you were Hugh Hefner?  To truly live the Playboy lifestyle?  Depending on the size of your current bank account, it could all be yours.  Since last year Playboy has begun elminating many areas of it's business.  From DVD production, merging Playboy magazine with it's digital service and closing their New York office, the company has been looking for ways to save cash.  Then a conference call happened this past week with Playboy's interim chairman and CEO Jerome Kern.  They were reporting their fourth quarter earnings when an analyst asked if now that Christie Hefner is no longer with the company, would they now consider a sale or changes in the strategic direction of the company.  Kern stated, "Yes, We are open to discussions."  Whuuuuttt?

So if you have enough coins saved up, perhaps the Playboy empire could be yours.  My question is, if you buy Playboy do you get to move in the mansion?  I think you should be able to.  It's like each president has to live in the White House, each head of Playboy should live in the mansion.  

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