Monday, February 23, 2009

Superman To Take Flight Again! Perhaps This Time They Won't Make Him A Stalker. and Alex Litel have stumbled across something on the Legendary Pictures site.  In checking out their in production synopsis' Alex found him a brief description of 'Superman Unleashed'.  It's described as:

“Ramping up the action of its esteemed predecessor, the sequel to ‘Superman Returns’ promises to raise the stakes and take the audience to heights of action that no other superhero movie can achieve.”

The questions now are, how much of a change are we looking at?  The last film was pretty okay, but could have been so much better.  Will Singer be behind the lens again; Brandon Routh back as The Man of Steel; will they really keep this title?  It was rumored the new title would be The Man of Steel when word started spreading of a reboot of the reboot last year.  'Superman Unleashed' sounds like either a line of action figures or a video game.  

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  1. I HATED the last film. I kept rooting for Lex Luther, and hoped he would take Superman's emo ass to China, have him melted down in a lead factory, and used as paint for American children's toys; that would have been more entertaining than that monstrosity I actually paid to sit through. I want my $14 back...