Friday, February 27, 2009

Original Superman Comic Up For Auction!

Have any of you ever walked through Best Buy and thought, "Oh man, I just have to get that."  Then you plunk down some cash for a few dvd's, a couple of hundred on the XBOX or Wii, or a couple of thousand on the new flat screen TV.  Sure we have.  Ahhh...but have you ever walked through somewhere and said, "Oh man, I just have to get that," and then fork over $450,00.00 for a comic book?  Well now is your chance pal. put up for auction today 'Action Comics #1', otherwise known as when the world was introduced to Superman.  The owner of this comic is anonymous and is going through to help auction it off.  They are not looking for a minimum bid on this, but I think they'll do alright.  Since it went up this morning with a starting bid of $1.00, it has already hit $80,200 at time of this posting.  Head on over to to check out the auction and maybe place a bid. 

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