Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The LOST Blog - LOST: 5.7


Let's call this weeks episode "Hey, there's an office here?"  Let's all sing the LOST theme...."Hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm...."  We open with some of the people that were on the new flight going through an office and finding some files for the Dharma project.  The lady who was escorting Sayid tells the dude that gave his condolences to Jack that they found a another guy standing in the water on the beach, and he wasn't on the plane.  As they walk out to the beach we see that the plane seems to be in one piece and the guy they are talking about is Locke.  From there we flash to seeing Locke moving the island and landing in the desert where Ben ended up.  This time he's being watched by a video camera and he can't move because of his leg.  Once night falls (or once they add the filter) a truck full of dudes show up to grab Locke and toss him in the back.  They take him to the hospital set from M.A.S.H. where it's now daytime and they drug him before setting his broken leg with the bone protruding.  Fun!  When he wakes up Charles Whidmore is sitting there.  He tells Locke what we've heard before..  He's not the bad guy, it's Ben.  So he tells him the same thing that Ben already has, that he needs to bring everyone back to the island because Locke is the new leader and he needs to help protect the island from Ben.  So everything is the same, just now he thinks that Whidmore is the one to listen to.  He tells Locke that in their time it has been 3 years since the others left the island and to Locke it's only been a few days.  So he sets Locke up with a driver, some money and a file with the location of all the people who left the island.  He's been watching them to "protect them."  So Locke gets in a wheelchair to get into the car that's two feet away from him?

Locke first goes to see Sayid to convince him.  He's now building houses in South America and doesn't want anything to do with it.  The next person he decides to go and see is Walt?  I love how they decided to toss in the line "Boy, he sure has grown."  Walt delivers his three lines about having dreams about Locke being on the island (creeepy) and then leaves.  In those few lines I remembered how much I have not missed him on the show.  Then he tries to convince Hurley to come back and he won't have any of it.  Next he goes to see Kate, who of course begins to cry because Locke has never loved anyone.  Ugh.  Really writers?  This is the route you decided to go with their conversation in order to get him to go to a cemetery and discover that his old girlfriend is dead?  Since she died of a tumor will her spirit now be on the island?  Will he try to bring her back to life?  As he gets frustrated and his driver/follower of people for Whidmore tries to convince him of his path, he gets shot.  Locke takes off in the car to get away and gets into a car accident. 

He wakes up in the hospital with Jack sitting there.  He then tries to convince him to go back.  Jack becomes Emotion Jack and tells him there is now way.  Locke then tells him that his dad said to tell him hi.  Jack then tries to pretend that he didn't see his dad on the island and tells Locke that he isn't special (basically a 2 minute version of all of their arguments from Season 2-4).  Then Locke is sad.  So sad that he goes back to his seedy motel room and is about to hang himself with an extension cord but gets interrupted by Ben who breaks in the room.  He begs Locke not to do it and re-convince him that Whidmore is the bad guy.  So Locke comes down and tells Ben about everything that he's tried to get everyone to come back, including who he's looking for in L.A. and Jin asking him not to bring Sun back.  Once Ben gets all the information he needs he strangles and kills Locke.  (Was anyone really surprised by this?)  He makes it look like Locke killed himself and tells his hanging body that he will miss him.

Back on the island Locke wanders in the office and is still trying to figure out how he got on the island.  The new dude tells him about how some of the people that were on the plane disappeared in front of them.  And that others were hurt.  (Hooray, new Extras!).  He takes Locke to see the injured passengers.  And of course the last person he sees laying there is Ben.  "That's the man who killed me."

Over all this was a pretty good episode in that it didn't jump around too much.  It had a central plot and stuck with it.  It is getting old having the He said, He said with Ben and Whidmore.  I did like that we got to see more of Ben's true, evil side.  But will he try to convince Locke that he needed to kill him because it was supposed to happen?  And now they're introducing more new characters?  Stop with the new and just start answering more.  And please let this be the only time for the rest of the show that we see Walt.  



  1. I must admit, I have stopped paying close attention to the show; I still watch, but much more passively than I used to.
    Jack's Dad mentioned to Locke the name of the person in LA that would get them back to the island; are we sure that is the person in the pendulum room from last week, or are the producers just having us assume that? Notice that Ben strangled Locke only after he got that name; I'm just wondering if Faraday's mother is the same person Christian told Locke to go see? That's it from me. Best episode of the season so far...

  2. Hmmm.. you are correct. I've lost track of so many names that I have been assuming they are the right person. I suck!