Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The LOST Blog - LOST: 5.6

**Spoiler Alert, Bitches!**

Let's call this weeks episode, "Has Anyone Else Been In Your Luggage, Sir?"  We open with a familiar sight.  Jack wakes up laying in the jungle, but not so many scrapes and bruises this time.  He hears Hurley yelling for help and takes off to go and find him.  He's floating down the river in at the same waterfall that they always end up in this very large island.  There they also find Kate.  They are back on the island.  But it's just the beginning of the episode, we should still have a flashback.  Oh, there it is...

We jump back 46 hours to see how they get back.  Everyone is in the church (which happens to be the home of the first Dharma station.. the Lighthouse).  Mama Faraday shows them the pendulum that showed the Dharma peeps so many years ago how to find the island.  She explains to them (and us) that the reason no one can ever find the island is because it always moving.  BUT it always moves to the same spots in time.  Ah ha!  Yes...yes..mmmhmmm.... I see.  She gives Jack a flight manifest and shows them which flight that they need to be on in order to get back to the island.  This is their window in time.  It would be very cool if she would explain it more, but why answer all questions on this show?  But she does ask Jack to stay behind after class.  In private she hands Jack a suicide letter that Locke apparently wanted Jack to have.  She also tells him that things on the flight need to be as close as possible to when they first crashed.  That includes him bringing something of his dads back.  This is why Locke had to die, in order to take his dads place.  So technically he's not walking, he's on the flight AAANNND there's a dead dude on the flight.  Think of it as 'Weekend at Bernie's: The Tropics'.  

In the church Ben is praying (which is kinda funny).  He lets Jack know that he has something to take care of for someone and will meet him at the airport.  While at a bar Jacks gets a call that just happens to introduce us to his grandpa.  Which is a good thing because it allows him to give Jack a pair of shoes that were his dads.  That's like when someone in a movie happens to meet that random person that explains the entire backstory of one of you main characters and then you never see them again.  He takes the shoes home and finds Kate on his bed....CRYING OF COURSE!  Uuugghh.. enough with the crying Kate.  Seriously, even the island is saying, "You know what?  She can stay behind, that's okay."  She doesn't have Aaron and tells Jack to never ask about him and she'll go back to the island.  (more on this theory later)  And then they have sex and he makes her coffee and juice.  In the morning Jack gets a call from a pretty beaten Ben telling him that he needs to be the one to pick up Lockes body from the meat shop (yup) and get him on the flight.  

At the airport Jack gets Locke on and runs into Kate, Sun, Hurley, Sayid (who is in custody and being escorted by some sort of officer), and someone who I can't place.  It is the one who offers his condolences to Jack.  Wasn't he in the army with Sayid?  Either way, they all get on the plane when Ben makes it on at the last second.  While in flight the Captain comes on the intercom and it's Lupidus flying.  Which means that he is serving in the place of his friend that was the original pilot.  During the flight Jack finally reads Locke's letter and it says, "I wish you believed me."  And then they hit familiar turbulance.  But instead of crashing (apparently) the time travel light shows up and that's where we meet up where the episode first started... them back on the island.  After Jack and Hurley get Kate the familiar VW Dharma van shows up, looking new.  The driver pops out and it's Jin driving while wearing a nice, new Dharma uniform.  So they question is when in time did they land?  Have they restarted Dharma?  Are they stuck in the past?  Why does my head hurt?

Okay, so over all I think it was probably one of the best episodes in a while.  However I don't really see why they needed to jump back 46 hours rather than just let the episode run.  It would have made no difference what so ever to this episode.  They did it just because they could which is lame.  Alright, let's discuss some theories:  Locke - Him being in the coffin heading back to the island probably explains the empty coffin from season 1.  The entire time Jack is dealing with seeing his dad on the island and then finds the coffin.  When he opens it, it's empty, so we assumed his dad was alive.  BUT.. what if that was Locke's coffin and his body either leaped to a different time or he does come back to life somehow?  Again following the biblical theme.  Stop me if you've heard this one before... His body was in a stone tomb (the cave they briefly lived in) but is no longer there.  And theory 2 from tonight's episode: Aaron - Perhaps his location has to do with what Sawyer whispered to Kate last season before he jumped off of the helicopter.  "Give Aaron to Claire's mom."  "Don't bring Aaron back here."  "Get him to the people that were adopting him."  Something along those lines.  Which is why she was keeping it from Jack.



  1. From Subscriber 'Brandy':
    If you go back and listen CAREFULLY, you can hear Sawyer on the helicopter say to Kate " I have a daughter in Albuquerque. You need to find her, tell her I'm sorry."

  2. I actually fell asleep again while watching this episode; caught the first 20 minutes and the last 10, but didn't seem to miss anything.

    My only comment this week:
    If everything had to be as close to the original flight as possible, then Sayid took Kate's place as the Fugitive. Who's the brother and sister that're sleeping together? I'm looking at you, Kate and Jack...

  3. Oooohhh.. I didn't even catch that one. Hurley and Ben? They do seem to have some odd tension between them since the Hot Pocket incident.