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The LOST Blog - LOST 5.5

**Spoiler Warning**

LOST - 5.5
We'll call this weeks episode, "All Of This Ends When We Ride Up On Troy's Bucket."  We are back on the dock with the city folk and Sun is holding Ben at gun point.  Ben reveals to her that Jin is alive and they try to make it very dramatic with the music even though we already know that.  So let's head there shall we?  

On the island, young Russo and her group are heading through the jungle to try and get to the antenna when Jin hears a familiar sound.  Smokey is coming.  There's one girl who we haven't seen before so obviously she's about to die.  And she does.  After ripping out a few trees Smokey drops her from above.  He then grabs the rude French guy (which one?) and starts dragging him through the jungle.  The chase is on.  They are trying to grab him and follow smokey to where it resides that we haven't seen before.  Underneath a temple.  It drags Frenchy down there and his group tries to hang on.  This leads them ripping off his arm.  Fun!  Time skips and Jin has no idea what's going on.  Luckily this time he just happens to end up right where Sawyer and the rest of the gang are.  (Was anyone really surprised?)  Sawyer then tries to explain time travel to Jin, which was kind of amusing.  

Back in the city Ben is still trying to convince Sun not to kill him because Jin is alive and he can prove it to her.  He tells her that they all have to go back to the island and Kate gets mad and starts crying (of course) and Sayid is still trying to be a bad ass.  Well Sun decides to go with Ben and Jack to see this proof.  On the way there Ben shows that he's a bad ass.  When Jack is apologizing to Sun and she's still being a bitch, he tells her that he will kill Ben if it isn't true that that they can get back to the island and save everyone.  Ben slams on the brakes to the van and goes all Christian Bale on them.  He tells them that they have no idea what he has done to help them and keep them alive.  

Back on the island Charlotte is getting worse and now everyone except for Locke, Faraday and Jin are having nose bleeds.  Locke is determined to get to the Orchid station though.  So they leave Faraday and Charlotte behind.  Charlotte tells Locke that if the station is not there to look for the well.  And it's a good thing she tells him that because they skip again and the station is gone.  Charlotte is now skipping through time in her own mind.  She tells Faraday that she was on the island as a kid and told that she had to leave and if she returned she would die.  The person that told her this was Faraday.  (dramatic music, dramatic music)  

As they say their goodbyes, Jin makes Locke promise that he will not bring Sun back because Charlotte tells him that the island is bad and she might die.  He gives him his wedding ring and tells him to tell her that he died and they buried him.  Well Mr. Locke climbs down the well and they skip again.  Locke takes a fall down the well breaking his leg.  We get to see the bone break through the skin.  *Side note: When did LOST decide it wanted to be a lame slasher flick?*  As he looks around...lost, if you will..hehe... Jack's dad shows up again.  It's a good thing this spirit brings matches for lanterns.  He tells Locke that he needs to turn the wheel.  He also tells him that this happened because Locke did not do what he was supposed to do before.  He was the one that was supposed to move the island, not Ben.  (Oops.)  When he moves it this time, it will send him back.

Back in the city Ben, Jack and Sun arrive at a church where the mysterious pendulum lady (not so mysterious because it's Faraday's mom) is.  When they arrive, Ben gives Sun Jin's wedding ring.  She then very quickly agrees to go back to the island.  Desmond arrives there as well.  He wants to know if they are also there to Faraday's mom.  This is a surprise to Ben.  They go inside and she's says that they'll get started even though not everyone is there.

What did we learn this week gang?  I thought that the best thing was seeing where Smokey comes from.  During a French argument we learned that it guards the temple.  What is the temple of?  When was it built?  Then we learned that Charlotte was there as a kid, but was that really a surprise?  But apparently she met Faraday as a kid there on the island.  So Faraday has been bouncing around there for a while.... or has he?

Here's the thing.  They spend an entire episode making it look like they may not get everyone back to the island, or that it looks like it's going to be a tough job.  THEN they show you a preview for next weeks episode and let you know that they go back.  What the hell, man!  Just like when they try to make it dramatic when someone "reveals" something, even though we already knew it.  Like Jin being alive.  Save the music cues for something actually riveting, like chasing Smokey and finding the temple.


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