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The LOST Blog - LOST 5.4

**Spoiler Warning**
Blah, blah.. you've been warned.

LOST 5.4
We'll call this week's episode, "It's The Great Pumpkin, Jack!"  Alright, let's all sing the theme song.  Hhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmmm...  We open with the island gang trying to figure out what's wrong with Bizarro Nicole Kidman.  He gives Juliet a very limited explanation and Sawyer continues giving his grumpy face.  Locke lets Sawyer know that he has to bring the rest of the gang back to island in order to stop everything that is happening.  Sawyer is still grumpy and Bizarro Nicole is still bleedy.  

Back in the states Sayid is feeling much better and Jack is in trouble with the hospital.   He gets a call from Hurley in jail wearing at least two jump suits.  He tells him to let Sayid know that he took his advice about not letting Ben near him.  Well during all this a male nurse comes in and it's pretty obvious that he's not a real nurse.  SURPRISE..he tries to shoot Sayid with a dart gun again.  Well that doesn't work.  After a little fight (and I say little because they're trying too hard to make Sayid be like Jason Bourne...and let's face it...he's not), Sayid knocks the dude out with his own darts.  Not before he makes Sayid reach into his pants (eeaasy now) and take out a note that has Kate's address.

On the island the kids are having a grand time jumping through time.  This time when they jump it's to the first season when the hatch light comes on.  It's either that or the Luxor in Vegas. There is a scream that comes from the jungle and Sawyer decides with his grumpy face that he's gonna go check it out.  It turns out to be Kate with Claire as Claire is having her baby.  Suddenly Sawyer goes from grumpy to weepy, then the sky gets all flashy and they jump again.  This time, it's Miles whose getting the nose bleed.  But they keep hoping that each time they leap, it might be the leap back home.  Wait, that was another show.

Meanwhile, back in generic city... Jack meets up with Kate to try and tell her that the weak kidnapper dude that tried to get Sayid was also going to go after her.  Instead he decides to join her as she gets all stalkery and follows the lawyer to a motel...which also happens to be the one Sayid was staying at.  Coincidence or did they not want to pay for two locations?  It turns out that he's there to meet Claire's mom, who Kate and Jack now think is the one behind trying to take Aaron.   What a shock, Kate is crying.  Well it turns out they're wrong.  She has no clue about Aaron.  She sued Oceanic and is in town to get her check.  Hmmm... sounds fishy to me.    

Back on the island they end up at the beach and see their camp is run amok.  The notice the dogs leash, but no dog.  Also, the motor boat is gone but some canoes are there.  Perhaps they jumped into the future?  Well they decide to take one of the canoes and try to head out.  While they're rowing Sawyer begins to tell Juliet about seeing Kate in the jungle when someone in another canoe begins shooting at them.  Seriously?  A canoe chase?  This almost reminded me of a scene from Police Squad, when Lesley Nielson is in a gun fight with someone and they're hiding less than a foot from each other.  Luckily they leap again, this time into a rain storm.  Now for the ho-hum surprise of the episode.  They show a group in a rescue raft arguing in French.  Hmmmm.... who do we know in the show that speaks French?  But they see someone drifting on a piece of wood.  What a surprise, it's Jin.  He didn't die in the explosion.  Well they end up making it to the beach of the island when we find out what we already knew, Russo is the female in the French group and she's pregnant.  What a shock huh?  Well on a different beach Sawyer and his group make it to shore.  While Juliet is still trying to get sentimental and talk about seeing Kate, her nose begins to bleed as well.

In the city Jack has convinced Kate to go with him to the port.  There she sees that he's working with Ben, and that Sayid is there as well.  Since we already know that Claire's mom isn't the one trying to get Aaron and that this lawyer works for Ben (because he met up with him to let him know what Hurley will be out of jail in the morning).  It's Ben who sent the lawyer after Kate.  And now we see that Sun is watching from her car, with Aaron in the back seat.  She also just happens to have her file, with Ben's picture and a gun on the passenger seat.  Almost like it was put out for a photo shoot called, "Scene of the Crime - For Beginners."

So what did we learn today?  Well according to Faraday, he thinks that the nosebleeds may be because they've been to the island before.  Or, in someway are attached to the island.  This may explain the introductions we had to them two seasons ago.  This of course would mean that if those introductions were in the future, then they also were trying to find a way back to the island.  If they left the island, there was a reason as well.  Which also leads me to again speak my theory as to how the show will end.  It's really leading me to still think that it will end with everything starting over again.  Yup, they will get to the island and whatever Ben has in store for them will bug Jack somehow (and that NEVER happens), so he has the choice... follow Ben or start over.             


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