Saturday, February 7, 2009

Los Angeles Lakers Trade Radmanovic, Basketball Fans Say, "Who?"

It was announced today that the Los Angeles Lakers have traded Vladimir Radmanovic for forward Adam Morrison and guard Shannon Brown from the Charlotte Bobcats.  For those that don't him, this is a dude who a few seasons ago was a very promising and important player on the team.  Then he decided to try and learn how to snowboard in the middle of the season and fell and hurt himself enough to put him out for many weeks.  The killer thing about this is that he then lied to the team and the NBA by saying he fell on a patch of ice while walking.  You see, doing any type of dangerous activity is against their contract.  Well they did find out about this and he was fined.  But more than that, his game has never been consistant since then.  This is a guy who one second can hit a long outside 3-pointer, and in the next can't dribble, pass or shoot.  

Maybe the Clippers or the Washington Generals can use him.       

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