Monday, February 9, 2009

The Jonas Brothers Perform With Stevie Wonder. The World Says, "STOP IT ALREADY!"

There I was watching the Grammy's last night and wondering why I was watching since I really didn't like most of the people performing...except for U2 who opened the show.  Well, then I saw music die right in front of me.  On stage was a music legend, Mr. Stevie Wonder.  And next to him, The Jonas Brothers.  WOW are they awful.  They are so awful that this page won't even show their full picture.  Yes, that bad.  They screamed the songs and kept jumping around Stevie.  There was a point where it looked like they weren't even playing their guitars.  I was looking to see if any of them had Hasbro printed on it.  At different times they kept jumping on his riser to try and share his microphone.  That was almost as dumb as Ryan Seacrest trying to high five a blind guy.  And since he obviously didn't know what they were doing, they would yell right next to his head to try and be heard on his mic.  Do they know he's blind and not deaf?  They and the Disney mediocrity team need to be stopped.

And, I can tell that two of them are brothers but... where did the Mexican looking one come from?  


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