Sunday, February 22, 2009

Excited At The Idea Of A Bullet Train From So. Cal To Vegas? Too Bad.. The Republican Party Isn't Too Happy.

For citizens of Southern California making the trek up Interstate 15 can become a right of passage if you have ever crawled all the way Las Vegas.  Other times it's an adventure as you explore the landmarks along the route (Zzyx Road, The Mad Greek).  As much fun as a road trip there are many times some have wished for a bullet train to help make the trek even easier.  Instead of getting there late on a Friday night to be able to arrive earlier with your friends to enjoy the weekend.  And then this past November Californians voted to approve the financing of building a bullet train.  Woo Hoo!  And money for it was set to be a part of President Obama's stimulus plan creating jobs for the development and contstruction of it.

That is until the Republican party stepped in this week.  Rep. Mike Simpson of Idaho said, ""Billions of dollars for a sin express train from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Necessary? I don't think so."  House Republican Leader John Boener wants to know how spending the money for this train will help the people of his district, which is north of Cincinatti.  Well, his district would actually be getting stop for another train that would connect Clevland, Ohio and Cincinatti.  So why give the evil eye to this project?  It's one thing to have a problem with money being spent, I get that.  But it's the 'sin express' thing that bothers me.

Trying to continually make themselves holier than thou and try to make it seem like those that enjoy life and having a good time are the downfall of this country.  Isn't this the same group who's own members took money from Indian casino's so that they could access Repulican law makers?  The same group that ordered the National Security Council to cooperate with Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force (a non-government agency) as the melded together to explore "viable energy resources in Iraq," pre-9/11?  How many in their party in recent years that were the champions of morality and family values fell as they were found to be having extra-marital affairs, or discovered to be gay after triumphing against gay rights?  I'm sure that they have spent their fair share of time in Las Vegas enjoying the legal, and illegal, activities that can be found.  I'm sure that the Nevada Senate and Congress members have a different view right now as tourism numbers start to get lower and the casino cash intake drops.  

That is definitely not to say that Democrats are by any chance the saviors.  But why come after us with an personal attack.  I guess we are wrong for wanting less cars on the road, less congestion and DUI related accidents to drop.  After all, what would they have left to send us to way for?  (stepping off my soap box)

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