Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bored With The Usual Oscar© Broadcast? How About Some Drinking Games!

Today is Hollywood's big night.  Yes, it's that time where people try to convince those watching that it is an honor just to be nominated.  But do you find yourself wishing you were a part of the 'In Memorium' section rather then watching another intrepretive dance to the theme from 'Schindler's List'?  Have no fret this time my friends.  I now  bestow upon you the Drinking Games of the '183 Acadamy Awards©'!

Take a shot...
  1. Every time someone thanks their agent or manager
  2. Every time a presenter struggles to open the envelope
  3. Every time they cut to a shot of Jack Nicholson in the audience, or he's mentioned
  4. When a winner tries to exit the wrong way on the stage
  5. If a winner says that they didn't expext to win, or that they didn't prepare a speech
  6. When a winner dedicates their win to others (i.e. other nominees, the crew, a parent, etc.)
  7. When a winner gets interrupted by the band
Take 2 shots:
  1. If anyone mentions Obama
  2. For any joke about the economy or recession
  3. When a winner doesn't know what to do with the statue during their speech
  4. When a winner lifts the award in triumph
  5. For any standing ovation
And..Chug a full drink:
  1. If anyone trips or slips
  2. Someone gets edited by the censor (i.e. the sound drops during the speech or the camera pulls to a wide shot suddenly)
Do you have more to add to the list?  Leave a comment and share your idea.

Have fun!

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