Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The LOST Blog - LOST: 5.3

**Spoiler Alert**
For those of you that may be new here, welcome.  But be warned.. there are spoilers a plenty, so if you have not seen this weeks episode don't read this yet.  Ye' have been warned!"

We'll call this week's episode, "Let's Do The Time Warp."  We open with Desomond running through a Phillipine's market trying to find someone.  Penny is about to give birth and he just happens to know who the doctor in the this village is.  AND he speaks perfect English.  Wow, that has to be one of the fakest looking pregnant belly's I have seen since Katie Holme's.  Penny gives birth to the cleanest new born boy.  

Back on the island (and apparently back in time) Faraday, Bizarro Nicole Kidman and Miles make it to the creek to meet up with Sawyer and Juliet.  Well, there were two more Extra's  with them that somehow survived the fire arrow storm.  We just can't have that. They were clean, and obviously stunt men so they must be killed.  The rest are captured by what looks like an Army group.  She thinks that Faraday's been there before.  The mini-militia chick looks an awful lot like a Bratz doll.  Richard makes his dramatic entrance and we now see that he has been around for a while. 

Back off the island Desmond is at Oxford trying to look up Faraday's mom, but there is no record of him.  So when exactly did Desmond meet Faraday at Oxford?  He takes a little walk past where his office was and it's sealed up.  Inside all of Faraday's equipment is there, but it's covered up.  A janitor comes in and doesn't seem to care that he's trespassing.  Boy, that janitor had a lot of information didn't he?  It's a great thing Desond ran into him.  HE mentions something that Faraday had done to some poor girl.  Ooooohhh....a scandal.

MAN, Richard loves him some eye liner!  A hydrogen bomb, here?   Does this mean that they are back in the 50's right now?  Yup, they sure are.  So are we now seeing the beginning of the Others that we know?  Is this just a different culture of the Others? Juliet, Sawyer and Locke are marching with the Army dudes they captured and they discover they speak Latin.  It's a good think Juliet does as well.  

Desmond has arrived at a house and is asking for lady to speak to.  It turns out that this is the girl that the all knowing janitor was talking about.  She's in a vegestative state apparently.  Her sister says that every not and then she wakes up and doesn't know when she is, or acts like she's a kid again.  My guess is Faraday's girl is stuck time jumping and he's trying to find her constant to bring her back.  Or, will destroying the island fix her?  Hmmmmm...  Her sister informs him that Widmore is paying for her care since he was also funding Faraday's research.

Okay, this army girl has no idea how to hold a rifle.  She and Faraday are at this hydrogen bomb and he doesn't like how unstable it is.  Surprise, she doesn't trust him.  "I came here in a time machine that you invented..."  Okay, that's not what he said, but that's what I heard in my head.    

Desmond goes to see Widmore and find out where Mama Faraday is.  He tells Desmond that he has no idea what he's getting involved in and wants him not to get involved or get Penny involved.  Where ever they have been hiding, they need to go back there.  Is Widmore really trying to protect them?  

Back on the island, Locke approaches the Army camp to see Richard and finish their talk.  But Richie told him last week that the next time he saw him he probably won't remember Locke.  But the little Army brats are ready to kill Locke right there.  FINALLY AN WHAT THE F*** MOMENT!  Richard tells one of them, "Put the gun down Widmore."  WHAT THE F***! So Whidmore was originally on the island when he was in the Army as a kid.  He does have some sort of invested interest in the island.  Why?  Does Mr. Guy Liner kick him off the island, has he been trying to get back to the island for the same reason other people want to?  By controlling the island, do you control time and space?  Did he leave his wallet? 

Back on Desmonds boat he tells Penny that Mama Day is in Los Angeles.  He doesn't want to go because he is afraid of something happening to them.  Awww.. Desmond named his son Charlie.  So it's time for them to go to L.A. and find Mama.  And if you remember, last week she was the lady at the end of the episode giving instructions to Ben.  Plus, Desmond already met her a couple of seasons ago.  She sold him Penny's ring.  This could all create a major pardox!  Dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

Back on the island Locke is trying to convince Richard of the time travel and that he is supposed to be their leader.  Rich lets him know that they pick their leaders when they are very young.  He tells Richard to go and visit him after he's born to see.  Which explains the visit from the other season.  And a total contrast as well, because that was when he told Locke as a kid that he wasn't special.  I guess he changed his mind.  Before Locke can find out how to get off the island to fulfill his duty (hehehe... sounds like doodie) they time jump again.  Charlotte gets worse and starts the severe bleeding at the end of the episode.   

So what did we learn this week?  Widmore's interest and history with the island is starting to come out.  But I don't really think that much of Desmond's story off the island did too much to move the episode, other than they just needed a story off the island this week to remind us of Widmore.

We also learned a bit about the choosing of leaders for the Others. Is that why they chose Ben at an early age when he came to the island?  Does someone have to be on the island to be chosen? And knowing that there is a method to the leadership, how long has Richard actually been on the island and how old is he?  What do the Others call themselves?  Faraday likes to tilt his head a lot, Miles is still bitter, and Bizarro Nicole Kidman is about to die.  Faraday had expressed his love for her to try and save them, but it was pretty insincere.  Come on, did anyone really believe it?  "Oh yeah, by the way.. I totally love this chick."  Blah blah blah = lame!  

It looks like next week we go back to L.A. for more Sayid Bond and Sun Bourne escapades.  Here's hoping for more answers and thrown Hot Pockets.



  1. Yeah, you noticed the eyeliner thing too. Nestor Carbonell (aka Richard, Batmanuel) had the same problem in "The Dark Knight". I was totally involved in the movie until the mayor of Gotham City showed up wearing eyeliner.

  2. Well, it's because he's mayor by day, and Emo by night.

    I forgot he was Batmanuel!